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Physical Health

Blending Health & Sustainability in the New Year

By Angela Fairhurst   As the calendar turns over to a new year, it's the perfect time to embrace a healthier routine. Implementing small, actionable steps...

From Field to Bottle

Memory Lapse


Fighting Cancer

Mmmm, Good… to the Bone

The health benefits of bone broth here were two exceptions which kept my restorative “whole food, plant-based” diet from becoming all-out vegan—they were my inclusion...

Mental Health

Mind Matters

BY ELLEN HAINES In our quest for wellness, we meticulously scrutinize our diets, obsess over skincare ingredients, and purify our living spaces. Yet how often...
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Active Lifestyle

Exploring CIVANA

The Valley’s first—and only—sustainable wellness resort offers a place to relax and recharge By Michelle Glicksman Nestled in the desert in Carefree sits CIVANA, the Valley’s...

Traveling on Trails in Arizona

By Christine A. Vogt, Ph.D. Arizona Hiking Trails Before there were roads, there were trails. Early settlers who entered Arizona from the east or south were...

Sustaining Yourself With Kickboxing & Yoga, Which is Better for Physical & Mental Health

By Tyler Hurst. Post-holidays can be tough. The weather isn’t always the best, many of us are recovering from not-so-great food and drink choices, and...

Want to Travel to Volunteer?

Be a sustainably-minded decision maker before you go By Lana Olsen, PH.D. Traveling to volunteer has received a lot of press coverage lately, but unfortunately most...

Latest Articles


Celebrating International Being You Day

By Dr. Dain Heer In the US, most people have the right to ten days of paid vacation a year—ten tiny days where they finally...

UNESCO Warns AI Could Threaten Holocaust Memory

Paris, 18 June 2024 – A UNESCO report published today warns that unless decisive action is taken to integrate ethical principles, AI could distort...

Monsoon Season Brings Creepy Crawlers

By Aaron Gonzales, Founder & COO of Slick Barrier June 14 marked the start of Arizona’s monsoon, which annually replenishes the dry land and diminishes...

The Future of Sustainability 2024

By Tori Toth    On April 18, Green Living Magazine, in partnership with Gensler, came together to celebrate Earth Day with renewed vigor and a sense...

Electric Car Charging Gets a Turbo Boost: 10-Minute Charge for Polestar Prototype

By Shelby Tuttle A recent collaboration between Polestar, a leader in electric vehicles, and StoreDot, a pioneer in extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology, has...

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