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From Field to Bottle

An herbalism company with a mission for sharing the healing powers of Chinese medicine and full spectrum hemp products, Radical Roots offers a wide range of formulas designed with holistic health in mind. “I believe that businesses are an opportunity to create the change we wish to see in the world,” explains Dr. Chloe Weber, DACM, L.Ac.

Illuminating the potential of our Earth’s natural remedies, Radical Roots is truly Weber’s passion project as an individual, mother, doctor, and business owner. In her teens, she was diagnosed with Cutaneous Leishmaniasis, an exceedingly rare disease that causes skin lesions. Her navigation of this diagnosis sparked her curiosity about going into the medical field.

At CU Boulder, Weber delved into Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. After discovering the impact of Chinese medicine and how it could massively shift the conversation on public health, she studied at Boulder’s Southwest Acupuncture College, earning a Masters in Oriental Medicine. During her studies, her dedication to natural healing led her to Harbin, China, where she furthered her hands-on education and experience at Heilongjiang University Hospital. She later opened a nonprofit practice, Urban Herbs, focusing on the benefits that Chinese herbs could offer patients. It was Urban Herbs where she hit her stride as a practitioner, as her work with the community gave her even more insight into how these herbs could serve as true remedies.

Radical Roots
Product shots courtesy of Radical Roots

Her personal journey continued as well. As Weber’s young son, Remy, grew, he experienced complex health issues including persistent seizures and missed developmental milestones. Years of testing and doctors’ appointments led the family to return to Weber’s home in New York, where she now has a private clinic. While both of their medical challenges improved after taking several different hemp extracts, Remy’s seizures required more intervention. He was ultimately diagnosed with STXBP1, an incredibly rare and challenging genetic disorder that invokes seizures and delays, including intellectual and motor disabilities. 

With an intense pursuit to find a remedy for Remy, following years of research and hard work, Weber co-founded Radical Roots alongside Bart Beckermann, L.Ac. and with that, their journey of furthering healing and wellness through the powers of herbalism began. The first priority was the development of Remy’s Revenge, a 500 milligram extract of full spectrum hemp. The formula contains all of hemp’s naturally occurring terpenes, cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals. According to Weber, thanks to Remy’s Revenge, Remy’s seizures and tremors have been significantly dialed back, and his sleep has improved.  “As a doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese medicine and an expert herbalist, I knew that hemp has tremendous healing qualities, but that it would be more effective if used in well balanced formulas designed to address targeted issues,” said Weber.

Radical Roots
Product shots courtesy of Radical Roots

Facilitating a field-to-bottle sustainable approach to production, the hemp utilized in Radical Roots products can be traced back to Pachamama Farm in Longmont, Colorado. Relying on organic processes, the farm achieves pest control naturally without any herbicides, pesticides, or even fertilizers. Its Chinese herbs come from Spring Wind Herbs of California, which Radical Roots calls “the cleanest herbs available.” Spagyric extraction, a time-honored technique, is used to develop the company’s topical and tincture formulas. Utilizing heat and water to capture the herbal and hemp essences, the process harnesses the Earth’s elements to create their powerful concoctions. These techniques culminate in what Radical Roots calls “Whole Plant Medicine.” Weber explains, “Chinese medicine is a medical tradition that honors the ecology of the body, and as a company, we support farmers that honor the ecology of the earth. All of our herbs are tested for toxins and heavy metals, and we get our hemp from farms that use regenerative farming techniques and focus on no-till farming.”  

The formulas available at Radical Roots combine the powers of hemp extract and Chinese herbs delivered through compact vessels (including tinctures, capsules, powdered herbs and salves) to help facilitate whole healing. In addition to Remy’s Revenge, available products include the Flow State, Wind Shield, Middle Management, and Golden Ticket formulas. The most popular product is Rest and Relax, available in both tincture and capsule form. “I often describe it as a big hug for your heart,” Weber said. “In Chinese medicine we refer to the ‘shen,’ which loosely equates to the spirit. This formula calms the shen and is great day or night!” Even animals can benefit from this incredible plant power, thanks to the Zen Zoo Tincture that was designed with furry friends in mind.

Radical Roots is a company with heart, alongside an evident deep passion for herbalist healing. “As a business,” Weber said, “I am so proud that we have been able to stick to our impeccable standards and create products that help people build health day by day.” Now six years old, Remy’s life has truly changed as a result of Weber’s persistence. His adaptive technology aids in his growing communication, and he is beginning to walk by himself. Radical Roots’ website, radicalrootsherbs.com, describes Remy as “incredibly happy [and] the most inspirational and magical little boy… He loves water, music, pets, animals, airplanes, bubbles, and sushi.”


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