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Jackie Roby: Embracing Wellness and Transformational Travel

By Jocelyn Katz 

Jackie Roby works to safeguard joy for a happier and more compassionate life. 

She explored several therapeutic immersive wellness resorts and wanted to see people work on their healing. She established Inspired Journey Consulting in 2019. The goal is to help people feel empowered to be their authentic selves and healing can be a tool for inclusion.

As a long-time travel admirer, Roby’s impact has extended beyond her prior work in luxury hotel marketing to her devotion as a mindset coach, speaker, and Quantum Human Design Specialist, which helps people with understanding their inner self and relationships with the outside world. She promotes her message and voices her opinion about the “need for a revolutionary healing process.” 


She is passionate about encouraging real well-being and leading people on journeys of self-discovery and journeys that are joy-sustaining. Through mindful actions and embracing authentic ways, Roby inspires others to embark on their journeys of self-discovery.

Roby took an untapped opportunity for wellness integration in travel, creating remarkable experiences for well-being and change. She advocated for bringing wellness programs into hotels and resorts and has looked creatively at destinations over the years. Roby bridges gaps in her different expertise to connect people and places.

In her podcast, “Through Inspired Eyes,” she explores specific examples that prove how slow travel can allow the travel to be meaningful. Bridging the gap between local communities and tourists in a way that conveys an authentic culture is important to enhance the experience of locals and tourists. 

When talking about her background, she expressed, “We should do our part to get toiletries at a local store near the destination, carry a personal water bottle, and stay at a location for a while.” The insights she shared revolve around her focus on traveling contributing to the local economy. There is a growing awareness of sustainability in the travel industry and how we can do our part to have an impact. 

Empowering Authentic Well-Being: Mindset Coach and Speaker 

Beyond her contributions to wellness and traveling, her true power lies in her role as a mindset coach and speaker. Her stories include personal experience, in which women are grateful to feel seen and understood and a new power to feel comfortable being vulnerable. 

A difficult time with mental health led her to find healing through Louise Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Own Life.” It was a guiding light on her healing journey, she said.

Roby also found healing through transcendental meditation, therapy, positive intelligence, and quantum human design, which was helpful to recognize and address emotional struggles. These practices transformed her life by fostering personal growth and resilience. 

Drawing from these practices, she guides individuals on introspective journeys of self-discovery. Embracing the power of self-acceptance and inner brilliance, she empowers her clients to release negative thought patterns and embrace lives of fulfillment. 

In her podcast, she mentions steps to overcoming our inner critic. 


Pain is a universal experience, and we are not alone in it. It involves recognising that if we experience pain, it is not failure because we are not to blame for our pain as it is a natural occurrence. 


Never shying away or ignoring pain, but showing compassion for ourselves, addressing pain with understanding.


Here the focus is on finding ways to alleviate pain with helpful perspectives or taking necessary actions. Letting go of attachments and desires is essential for addressing and easing suffering. 

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Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash


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