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Optima, Inc. Pioneers the Future of Natural Development Design

Housing developments are reaching new heights, yet not exactly in the literal sense. Driven by creativity, ingenuity and a passion for nature, Optima, Inc....



Creating Good Trouble

Local artists celebrate the life of civil rights leader, John Lewis, through the new art installation, Good Trouble Bucket Local artists Joan Baron and Gloria...
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She’s Green, He’s Green: Quick Snack Ideas

It's back-to-school time, wa-hoo! Maybe your family needs some new ideas for quick snacks or lunchbox goodies? Admittedly, we've chosen some single-use prepackaged snacks...

Green Champion: Joanna Deshay

“It was something I was so driven and passionate about,” Joanna Deshay says about breaking into the world of fashion. “I had to do...

Cool Outrageous Stuff: A Conscious Closet

Layer Responsibly  Many retail shoppers recognize Gap as a leading icon for casual American style, but there’s a greater environmental mission behind these popular wardrobe...

BREAKING NEWS: The Bangladesh Accord Renewal

On April 24, 2013, the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh collapsed with thousands of people inside. At least 1,134 people died, and thousands of...

For All Things EV, Arizona is Hot

ElectraMeccanica Vehicles Corp., a Vancouver, British Columbia-based designer and manufacturer in the electric vehicle industry, is building a factory in Mesa on a multi-acre...

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