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Tuesday, March 2, 2021


Preserving Taliesin West

By Annika Tomlin Frank Lloyd Wright began building Taliesin West as his winter camp way back in 1938. Today it still stands as one of...



Creating Good Trouble

Local artists celebrate the life of civil rights leader, John Lewis, through the new art installation, Good Trouble Bucket Local artists Joan Baron and Gloria...
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Maryvale Community Launches COVID-19 Testing and Food Donation Program

Green Living magazine participated in the launch of the community-wide COVID-19 testing and food donation program through Maryvale, which aims to provide fresh, healthy food...

LEGO Introduces A New, Plant-based Botanical Collection

A new collection of mindful, green LEGO models are now available to purchase everywhere. The LEGO® Botanical Collection includes a beautiful Flower Bouquet and...

Add Some Green to Your Dental Routine

The average person goes through three to four toothbrushes every year. This means that over the course of your lifetime, you will likely dispose...

Phoebe Tonkin Shares the Inspiration Behind Her New Sustainable Brand, LESJOUR!

When the world shut down last March and remote work quickly became the norm, many people found themselves swapping out their typical pre-work stresses—getting...

Your Guide to Lab-grown Diamonds

If you're in the market for a diamond, then you've likely come across mined diamond alternatives in your search. One of the most popular...

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