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Intuitive Abilities Learned During the Pandemic with Laura Day

For three decades, bestselling author Laura Day has coached individuals, organizations, and companies on using their innate intuitive abilities to create profound changes in their lives. She is a world-renowned “Psychic to the Stars” and intuitive who has worked with executives representing Fortune 500 companies and A-list celebrities like Demi Moore; Jennifer Aniston; Brad Pitt; Gwyneth Paltrow; Uma Thurman; Bruce Willis; and Sarah, Duchess of York.

In the latest  of her six books, How To Rule The World From Your Couch, Day breaks down intuitive abilities and attempts to verify precognition by telling the reader to take detailed notes of things they have no control over. Over time, the reader notices a hit rate of correct answers and begins to build on their intuitive abilities.

“We all live in so many time zones–the past, the future, someone else’s point of view–and we rarely are in the moment. The moment is the point where you can change the future or see the past from a more empowering angle so that you can function better in the present,” says Day.

By bringing more awareness to one’s life and taking note of the minute details using one’s five senses, people may notice and foresee a moment uniquely from those around them. Their observations open them to more possibilities. 

Day explains that we are taught to suppress intuitive information from an early age in favor of things we all agree on to allow us to live in community effectively. For example, going to a wedding to celebrate love, rather than attending while perceiving their divorce due to predictions one made using their minute observations and intuition.

When the pandemic hit, Day was in London. While she had not perceived the pandemic occurring, she had perceived a dip in the market, which companies she was working for would profit, and what she—as well as those companies—needed to do to prepare. 

Throughout the pandemic, Day received many of the same questions she always had, but in a pressure cooker. Anxieties about how the pandemic would affect lives permanently loomed in the air, questions of love, money, and life seemed continuously more urgent. She found a love for social media and its ability to connect her to others. She did live readings, healings, and even left her camera on during Thanksgiving dinner so anyone who was alone during the holiday could “join” her. She decided to begin doing free workshops over Zoom, and over 1,000 people began showing up every day.

Initially, the workshops fostered a community used to ensure everyone had their basic needs. They talked about losing their jobs, who needed food or a place to stay, who was sick, and who needed diapers for their baby. 

Then, Day began to teach people how to combat the negative situations they were experiencing by tapping into their can-do energy rather than positive thinking.

“Positive thinking is very dangerous. If you know a bullet is coming at you and you stand still, that bullet will hit you, guaranteed. Negative thinking is also very dangerous. If all you’re fixated on is that the bullet is going to hit you, it’s going to follow your empowered, realistic thinking, and you will follow the bullet,” says Day.

What Day teaches her students is where their attention flows, their energy will follow. If you know something bad is going to happen, it does not serve you to pretend it’s not or ruminate on the fact that it is. You will be putting blinders on yourself to the possibilities that exist. 

“If I’m going to be evicted, I can pack up my house, I can send word out for a place to stay, including to my landlord. I can do everything I can to mobilize intuition because what you see is only what you know,” says Day.

Using one’s integrated communication with the extended outside world, beyond your awareness, can bring necessary elements into your life, and it’s your job to recognize them. 

“While dealing with the current reality is such a winning formula,  people don’t like it because it’s not magical. It’s not a click of your heels three times. It’s taking stock of where you actually are, and, and putting the pin in the map for where you want to go, and then putting one foot in front of the other,” says Day.

The pandemic brought out and highlighted many personal injuries and personal fears for people and also an opportunity to work through them. It inspired Day to continue working on editing a new book, coming out soon, that discusses how the reader uses intuitive abilities, and  who they are, to create the life they want. To stay tuned in for when the book is released or learn more about Day, visit https://lauraday.com.

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