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Discover the Green Path to Wellness

Gardening does wonders for your physical and mental health. Few activities can match the pleasure of deadheading delphiniums in the evening or harvesting herbs...

Health & Wellness

Sleep Matters: Unlocking the Secrets to Better Sleep

Sleeping impacts your body’s functionality, and its purpose is necessary for many other reasons. When your sleep suffers, it can disrupt many facets of...


CVS Pharmacy announces eco-friendly home products

CVS Pharmacy recently launched an assortment of reusable storage bags and compostable dinnerware within its Total Home® and Total Home® Earth Essentials® lines. Serving...


Exploring Ethical Fragrances

By Shelby Tuttle and Michelle Talsma Everson When it comes to personal care products, soaps, detergents, and cleaning products, the term “fragrance-free” has become an...

The Future of Fashion


Garlic Jam

By Queen Creek Olive Mill We can get down with this jam! It’s easy to make and adds incredible flavor to crackers, sandwiches, pasta...

Picchio Pacciu


PuriFi plans Clean Air Store in Scottsdale

PuriFi will unveil its first-ever clean air store on August 14, 2023, a groundbreaking initiative aimed to give consumers an immersive indoor air quality...

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(Di)Still, My Heart

By Alison Bailin Batz While Arizona’s sister to the south is a titan of tequila, and our neighbor to the west is a world leader...

Fish Tales

Chefs get creative when it comes to reducing seafood waste By Misty Milioto Chefs across the country are starting to catch on to the phenomenon of...

Collagen-Boosting Cocktails – Part 2

Bone broth is having a moment and for good reason. This wonder liquid known for its nutritional superpowers is low in calories (about 70...


Turning Poop Into Power

By Shelby Tuttle As we become more attune to the negative effects of methane gas produced by dairy farms around the globe, technology to capture...

How to Fight for Sustainable and Accessible Infrastructure

By Sam Bowman Many people do not understand the importance of sustainable and accessible infrastructure until it is too late. Sustainable and accessible infrastructure is...

ASU seeks solid-state solution for electric vehicles

As the world’s vehicle fleet decarbonizes by transitioning to electric drivetrains, the answer to what makes the best battery remains elusive. Electric vehicle consumers seek a...

Henkel Adhesive Technologies moves to climate-positive operations

Henkel has a longstanding track-record as a leader in sustainability for decades and constantly drives transformational change to create value for its stakeholders. Last year,...


Desert Greens

By Rebecca L. Rhoades The farm-to-table movement began in the late decades of the 20th century. Its goal was to bring diners closer to the...

Door County, WI

This popular Midwestern culinary destination puts sustainability high on its list of priorities  By Misty Milioto Located on a peninsula between Green Bay and Lake Michigan,...

Discover Flagstaff

By Meg Roederer Flagstaff has a well-known reputation as the “City of Seven Wonders,” so you can imagine this beautiful mountain town takes sustainability seriously,...

Pawsome Retreats:  Unleashing Pet Friendly Hotels Across America

By Angela Fairhurst Pet ownership has increased since the beginning of the pandemic with 44.5% of U.S. households owning dogs and 29% owning cats. With...

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Garlic Jam

Desert Greens

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