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Tuesday, May 30, 2023


Getting Clean (Energy)

Important clean-energy legislation has been stalled in Congress for months, even as climate change delivered another punishing summer to Arizona. We can start turning...


Electric Cars

Electric Vehicle and Solar Technology Powers Arizona’s Sustainable Future

As president and CEO of the Arizona Technology Council and SciTech Institute, I’m pleased to have the opportunity to begin writing a monthly column...

Introducing the New Polestar

Road Tripping USA


Nikola Corporation

Transforms 'shell' into sustainable showcase By Mike Bambach & Emily Ditomasso Lance Milton remembers the first time he saw the future home of Nikola Corporation in...

Keep Flushing!

Sustainable Travel Takes Off

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Digital Detox

When we think of vacationing, many of us ensure we have our phone and charger so that we can capture every moment to share...

Cool Outrageous Stuff

Terra ties Hair ties to the rescue! Any long-haired person who has contended with the wind or a bad hair day in general knows...

Girl Scouts

Using resources wisely and being good stewards of the environment is an integral part of being a Girl Scout. Members of Girl Scouts of...

Spring Clean your Skincare Routine

Spring cleaning is a great way to eliminate clutter, but often we neglect cleaning out our skin care products or switching products based on...

Conscious Traveler

“I’m a sustainability failure.”  Ernest White II is reminiscing about a recent trip, during which he forgot to bring his metal water bottle with him....

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