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Spring Clean your Skincare Routine

Spring cleaning is a great way to eliminate clutter, but often we neglect cleaning out our skin care products or switching products based on the season. Dermatologists suggest transitioning your skin care routine as the weather heats up. 

In Arizona, the temperatures are rising and will continue to rise quicker than in other states, making now the perfect time to switch up your routine. To learn more about best practices for transitioning to a spring and summer skin lineup, please continue reading below. 

Product switch out

As summer approaches, if you are looking for an excuse to buy new skincare or beauty products, now could be your chance. Begin by going through your products and throwing out anything that is expired. Expired skincare products are not as potent, and they can irritate your skin and potentially lead to infection.

In winter, it’s common to use products like creams and foundations that are heavier, in order to compensate for the dryness of the season, but you’ll want to make sure your face doesn’t “melt” when summer hits.

As such, it’s a great time to purchase lighter products that will give your skin what it needs during the hotter, sweatier months. Try switching your oil or cream cleanser for a lighter foam or gel formula and consider a brightening moisturizer with a lower molecular weight. When it comes to retinol, this product is useful year-round. However, it can make your skin more sensitive to UV damage and, as such, it’s recommended to use it only as part of your evening skin care routine.

You’ll want to test out all your new products before it gets too hot. If you’re not used to switching out products and generally use the same items, speak with your dermatologist about what may work best for you this summer.

Photo by Raphael Lovaski on Unsplash

Suggestions for the Arizona heat

Dry skin is a common issue around Arizona because of the dry heat in the desert, but there are tried and true solutions to hydrating your skin – the most obvious and beneficial solutions being to drink plenty of water and use a good quality moisturizer. 

And while using sunscreen is essential year round, it is even more important as the UV index rises during the summer. In the hotter months, you should be using at least SPF 50. Look for one that also contains Vitamin E and other antioxidants. 

It is also very common for skin irritation to occur from excessive sweat due to the summer heat. You can help reduce irritation by exfoliating your skin regularly.

Make spring cleaning your skin care routine a regular to-do list item.

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