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EVPassport: Revolutionizing EV Charging with Innovation and Growth

By Shelby Tuttle

Leading the Charge: Hooman Shahidi and the EVPassport Vision

EVPassport, the brain child of Aaron Fisher and Hooman Shahidi is making waves in the electric vehicle (EV) charging industry. Shahidi, a renowned innovator and advocate for EV charging, is leading the company’s mission to create a truly interoperable and reliable charging network.

Beyond the Basics: EVPassport’s Technological Edge

EVPassport isn’t your average charging company. Founded in Santa Monica, California, by a team with expertise from tech giants like Twitter and Oracle, EVPassport boasts a sophisticated hardware and software platform. This unique approach caters to forward-thinking businesses that prioritize customer satisfaction.

Seamless Transition: The Power of IaaS

The company’s secret weapon? A revolutionary Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model. This allows businesses to leverage EVPassport’s charging infrastructure without the upfront investment, making the transition to EV charging seamless. Additionally, its advanced technology platform ensures a smooth user experience with features like high uptime, open API integrations, and app-less charging.

Rapid Expansion: A Nationwide Network and Beyond

Since its launch in 2020, EVPassport has experienced phenomenal growth. Its network now spans 35 states, reaching customers in Canada and Mexico, as well. The company has deployed thousands of chargers, focusing on multi-family housing, hospitality, and retail sectors, all while maintaining an impressive 99.97% uptime.

Fueling the Future: Investment and Strategic Partnerships

EVPassport’s commitment to growth is further solidified by their recent $200 million investment from Northleaf Capital Partners. This funding will fuel the expansion of its nationwide network and further develop the IaaS platform.

Powering Progress: A Look at EVPassport’s Clientele

The company boasts an impressive client list, including Viejas Casino and Resort, National Development, and Millennium Park Garages. Notably, its partnership with Viejas is leading to the construction of North America’s largest EV super hub, solidifying EVPassport’s position as a leader in the EV charging revolution.


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