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The 3 Best Electric Cars in 2020

Electric Cars in 2020

Electric cars have advanced significantly over the years. But arguably the most appealing alteration to these vehicles is their new price-points. Consumers have long argued that electric cars were too great of an investment for the average American. But the styles introduced this year are shifting the narrative and are proving that environmentally-friendly vehicles are indeed feasible.

In 2020, brands like Tesla, Nissan, Chevy, and Audi have already introduced stylish and eco-friendly models, with prices that are historically more reflective of gas-powered cars. Here are the 3 best electric cars to consider investing in this year:

Tesla Model 3

Price: $37,990

Noted as being the “best electric car overall,” this all-electric sedan – made from small, automaker Tesla – checks all of the right boxes. It’s compact, stylish, and is an ideal investment for a consumer looking to get a glimpse of what the future of automotive vehicles might look like. The vehicle not only runs smoothly, but it’s also available to drive with up to 322 miles of range. Similar to any growing automaker, Tesla has garnered a reputation for hiccups in the past. But, they’re also still learning and are receptive to criticism from consumers. Which means that they are constantly investing in their vehicles in an attempt to be the best. And thanks to the success and acclaim of the Tesla Model 3, we’d say that they’re on the right track.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Price: $36,620

You might have different reasons for wanting to invest in an electric vehicle. But if you’re looking for a car that is not only friendly to the environment but is also one that you can freely explore the environment in, then you should consider a Chevrolet Bolt EV. This is the first affordable electric car that’s also road-trip worthy. The vehicle is not only practical but also affordable – especially considering the mile range you get through this model. The Chevrolet Bolt EV has a total output of 200 horsepower and 266 pound-feet of torque, making the ride of the car not only smooth but also zippy. The model boasts a range of up to 259 miles. There’s a lot of world to explore, and with this vehicle, you have full accessibility to do just that – and be kind to the environment in the process.

Nissan Leaf

Price: $31,600

When we said that electric cars were becoming more affordable, if not more than gas-powered vehicles, we weren’t kidding. The Nissan Leaf is regarded as one of the most well-rounded electric cars on the market. Thanks to a 40-kWh battery pack that feeds a 147-hp electric motor, this model offers nearly 150 miles of range. While the vehicle doesn’t have the same long-range appeal as others noted on this list, it does offer more than its predecessor model – which means you can expect Nissan to continue raising the bar for the vehicle. The best part of the Nissan Leaf is the price-point. It’s noted as being the most affordable electric car on the market at the moment. You can’t put a price on the investment of a vehicle that can help preserve our world rather than damage it – but the lower rate of this model certainly doesn’t hurt. 

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Kyley Warren is a freelance writer based in Phoenix and the Assistant Editor of Green Living Magazine.


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