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Take a Dip Into the Future of IoT Pool Cleaning

SkimbotSkimbot Solar-Powered Pool Skimmer Debuts in Arizona

Launching in September with a splashy pool party in Arcadia, Skimbot is the newest advancement in pool cleaning technology. Taking a cue from the hundred-year-old concept of harbor skimmers which collect floating navigational hazards within waterways, the Skimbot combines the forces of solar power and IoT integration to bring a convenient, eco-friendly and tech-savvy surface cleaning option to pool owners across Arizona, and soon, the nation.

Smart Robot

If you’re like the rest of us, sometimes you just want to dive right into your pool after work but are easily discouraged by the layers of dust and debris that loom the surface. The Skimbot solves this problem. In a few easy steps, this smart robot effortlessly maneuvers to remove leaves, pollen, hair, insects, oils and more from a pool’s surface before they decay and sink to the bottom. Place the robot in the pool, switch it on, and allow it to do the dirty work. The days of hand-skimming are over.

Adoption of automated service cleaning by pool owners is still in its infancy. It is truly the most effective way to keep a swimming pool clean,” says Hana Ruzsa, Skimbot marketing director. “Our robot and brand are the culmination of years of engineering and consumer feedback to produce the quintessential, future-focused pool cleaning device.”

The pool robot is the perfect independent cleaning solution for any type of pool.

The Eyes of Your Pool

“Skimbot is free of cords and cables, requires no electricity, and smartly maps the surface to efficiently clean the entire pool,” says Ruzsa. “Our team built ‘eyes’ into the robot so it can avoid obstacles and edges, virtually never getting stuck or scraping against pool edges.”

Arizona is home to plenty of pools, made evident by the numerous blue dots seen when flying into Sky Harbor International Airport. It is easy to forget that this Arizona staple has an immense environmental impact. Outside of the high-water usage associated with pools, the pool pump is the second-largest consumer of electricity in most homes.

“When using electricity to run your pool pump as often as needed to operate a traditional bottom vacuum, pool owners do not realize they are creating the same amount of pollutants as an SUV driving 15,000 miles a year,” says Ruzsa. “Our mission is to aid in removing swimming pools from the electrical power grid.”  

Skimbot removes debris before it sinks and decays, which means less bacteria growth and less filtration required. Based on real-world usage and anecdotal data collection, pool owners will be able to reduce pool pump run time by up to 60 percent and save hundreds of dollars each year on energy, claims the Skimbot brand.

This solar-powered pool skimmer sets itself apart from other surface cleaning technologies with Bluetooth integrating capabilities. Not only can users control the robot manually using an Android or iOS device, but they can check pool temperature, battery status, charging wattage and usage settings.

For more information about the Skimbot launch party and to reserve your smart robot, visit www.skimbot.com.  

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  1. This sounds like an almost carbon copy of the Solar Breeze NX2 (second generation) which has been available for several years. If it is as effective as the Solar Breeze, it can be an effective tool in cleaning your pool, but be advised that even on sale, the Skimbot is $100 more than its competitor.


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