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Bayer Fund continues to support Southern Arizona nonprofits

The Bayer Fund serves nonprofits in the communities where Bayer facilities, such as the Bayer Marana Greenhouse and Bayer Eloy, are based. According to...

Health & Wellness

Indipop Bursts the Health Insurance Industry Bubble

by Lisa Cardinale There are more self-employed workers in the United States this year than any other time in history. The approximate 64.6 million independent...


Woven in Time

ETNICO Trade Co. Brings Ancient Weaving Techniques to the Modern World By Shelby Tuttle Deep in the heart of the Andean states, throughout some of the...


All That’s Green and Glitters

The holiday season—in particular the month of December—is one of the most popular times of the year to get engaged, according to a recent...

A Powerful Force


Ancho Fudge Pie

7221 W Ray Rd, Chandler and 8300 N Hayden Rd Suite D-101, Scottsdale Ingredients Pie dough   ½ lb. unsalted butter 2 oz. pecan halves, chopped ...

Grilled Peaches & Burrata

Retro Oat Flour Pancakes


Decorating with Your Senses

By Barbara Kaplan Even though our visual sense can be dominant, we must not neglect the other key senses we possess when decorating our homes....

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Social Gastronomy

In Bogota, Colombia, Chef Leonor Espinosa uses native foods to promote national pride and economic sustainability. By Rebecca L. Rhoades Photos courtesy of Chef Leonor Espinosa To...

Cool and Outrageous Stuff

Going Green with Go-Karts Zero emission go-karting is here! Scottsdale’s Octane Raceway prides itself on keeping up with the latest and greatest go-kart racing technology,...

Have a Healthy Holiday 

 The holiday season is here and, no matter what you celebrate, chances are that your festivities involve delicious dishes of some of your favorite...


Modern Medical Practices: Green Tech in Healthcare

By Sam L. Bowman Our modern healthcare system constantly evolves through the discovery of new treatments and medical solutions. But at what cost?  It’s often easy...

Clean energy coming into its own in Arizona

By Steven G. Zylstra, President + CEO of the Arizona Technology Council and SciTech Institute When it comes to clean energy in Arizona, this is...

Water Wisdom

Arizona’s Water Security Depends on Smart Policy and Technology Innovation By Steven G. Zylstra and Doran Miller You’ve probably seen the doomsday news headlines about water...

Electric for All

Phoenix-based Lectric launches new eBike with 150 lb carrying capacity, top speed 10 MPH limiter mode, improved motor, and new comfort upgrades. The idea for...



By Angela Fairhurst At the end of each year, we have an opportunity to review, reflect and rewind. Sometimes, having the right space and place...

Countryside Calls: Scotland’s therapeutic landscapes

By Nicholas Wise, School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University Early in my professional career, I was fortunate to embark on an opportunity...

Feasts & Festivities for an Eco-Holiday

Leaders in the hotel sustainability field are members of Beyond Green (https://staybeyondgreen.com), a global portfolio of hotels, resorts, and lodges that exemplify sustainability leadership....

A New Perspective

By Dylan Naugle In 2014, computer scientist Alan Eustace, a senior vice president of engineering at Google at the time, broke the world record for...

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