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Sustainable Business, Happy Customers

Businesses are responsible for a lot of what’s negatively impacting our environment, with many having extensive carbon footprints, irresponsible waste practices, and systems that...

Health & Wellness

Tips on Sustaining an Active & Healthy Lifestyle as You Age

By Sean Lynam As we advance through life's journey, growing old is inevitable. It can also come with some ups and downs — both mentally...


CVS Pharmacy announces eco-friendly home products

CVS Pharmacy recently launched an assortment of reusable storage bags and compostable dinnerware within its Total Home® and Total Home® Earth Essentials® lines. Serving...


Rebel with a Cause

Jewelry is a universal form of embellishment. For as long as humans have existed, we have been adorning our bodies and outfits with shiny...

Glowing and Growing

Crystal Clear


Garlic Jam

By Queen Creek Olive Mill We can get down with this jam! It’s easy to make and adds incredible flavor to crackers, sandwiches, pasta...

Picchio Pacciu


Modular Marvel

By Shelby Tuttle Located in the heart of Paradise Valley, an exclusive group of luxury modular homes meet in a striking contrast of glass and...

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Raising the Bar

Chocolate is having a moment. Sales are expected to hit record highs in 2023, according to industry reports. Consumers are seeking out — and willing...

Butternut Squash Soup with Toasted Pistachios and Bacon

While it may officially be pumpkin spice season, it’s also that time of year where the menus of your favorite restaurants begin to incorporate...

Fabulous Foraging

By David M. Brown We’d all be foraging if we didn’t have dependable grocery stores to find our foodstuffs. For thousands of years, Native Americans...


Empowering the Green Revolution

It's not often that you get to tag along when history is being made. Nikola Corporation marked a historic milestone in the clean transportation space...

A Step-by-Step Guide to Launching an Eco Topics Podcast

Podcasts are commonplace in 2023. 2020, in particular, saw a significant surge in the number of podcasts created, likely due to the COVID-19 pandemic...

Très Chic

By Shelby Tuttle Founded in 2020, French company FOGO was created in response to rising energy costs and the prediction that by 2050, 25 million...

VLS Environmental Solutions opens Waste-to-Energy facility in Arizona

VLS Environmental Solutions is thrilled to unveil its grass roots waste-to-energy processing facility in Quartzsite, AZ. The facility is a long-awaited processing facility serving...


Native Voices

When the Agua Caliente Cultural Plaza opens in November, it will share the history, traditions, and modern life of southern California’s Agua Caliente Band...

Sustainability in Green Grandeur

By Angela Fairhurst Trends reflect the changing landscape of hotels where sustainability is becoming an integral part of design to meet the expectations of environmentally...

An Eco-Responsible Tour of Italy

By Dorie Morales We were so excited to be invited to our dear friends' Claudia Kretchmer and Michael Lee wedding. As a bonus, we planned...

Desert Greens

By Rebecca L. Rhoades The farm-to-table movement began in the late decades of the 20th century. Its goal was to bring diners closer to the...

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