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Save Water And Save Money This Summer

With summer approaching, you’ll likely be using more water which means there’s more opportunity for leaks. This makes summer the perfect opportunity to double...


Sustainable Gardening in an Urban Landscape

If you’ve ever seen the 1960s sitcom “Green Acres,” you know it’s about a high-class woman used to city living who marries a farmer...

Objects Can Make a Room Singularly Yours

When decorating a home, it is good to see what objects are already in place and what can be redesigned or salvaged. Recently, while working...

Health & Wellness

Putting The Pieces Together: How Collaborative Breast Cancer Treatment Helped A Patient

This advertorial has been sponsored and paid for by HonorHealth. Regina Brewer, a long-time team member at HonorHealth, isn’t new to the breast cancer world....


Rocking Your Sustainable Closet: Tips For Green Fashion

Being fashion forward isn’t just about keeping up to date with the latest styles. It’s also about the way consumers and businesses behave when...


Retro Oat Flour Pancakes

These are an update on a family classic. The recipe came to me from my mother-in-law, torn out of an old spiral-bound cookbook from...

Arizona Sunset Cocktail


Style from Design

From the elements of the Earth to our wardrobes, finding eco-friendly clothing with a conscience can be challenging. In a world where consumerism calls...

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Wine and Soul

To some, great wine has acquired a reputation for stuffiness, but those who would apply that label to all wineries have certainly never visited...

Grilled Peaches & Burrata

INGREDIENTS 2 peaches 1 container of burrata Honey Mint leaves for garnish Olive Oil DIRECTIONS Cut peaches in half and remove pits. Cut peach halves into wedges. Coat with olive oil and...

Cool down on a hot summer day with “The Valley Cooler”

Cool down on a hot summer day with “The Valley Cooler” cocktail recipe. Simply fresh and rejuvenating! This cocktail will leave you feeling refreshed,...


There’s an App for That

With ongoing environmental factors making headlines — extreme weather, forest fires and climate change to name a few — it’s only natural to wonder...

Getting Clean (Energy)

Important clean-energy legislation has been stalled in Congress for months, even as climate change delivered another punishing summer to Arizona. We can start turning...

Is Lithium The Answer To A Better Energy Future?

The energy transition is here. Experts, industry professionals and politicians understand the need to transition to clean, renewable energy sources that will help decrease...

Is Lithium The Answer To A Clean Energy Future?

The clean energy transition is here. Experts, industry professionals and politicians understand the need to transition to clean, renewable clean energy sources that will...


Creativity Redefined: FOUND:RE Hotel

Situated in the center of downtown Phoenix is FOUND:RE Hotel – a creative and sustainable masterpiece amidst the hustle and bustle of the city....

Rainforest Eco Retreat

Costa Rica is a small Central American country that is big on biodiversity.  This little country  -  approximately twice the size of Massachusetts  - ...

Tucson: Arizona’s Pioneer Green City

“A major reason for our dedication to the environment is that Tucsonans value partnerships. We’re able to work together for the common good and...

Slow Travel and Tourism in Arizona

Our lives today are anything but slow. We feel the need to be constantly connected, have something in an instant, or make split decisions....

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