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Rammed Earth Construction Gets an Upgrade

By Shannon Harris

Traditional rammed earth is a beautiful, earth-friendly building technique that has existed for thousands of years. Made from compacted natural earth, these walls can absorb and release moisture, helping to stabilize indoor humidity levels. This creates a natural humidity balance, reducing the need for mechanical dehumidifiers or humidifiers. Rammed earth homes not only maintain stable indoor humidity levels crucial for comfort and health, the natural materials eliminate the presence of harmful chemicals, allergens, pollutants, and mold to create a healthier living environment.

Phoenix-based SIREWALL is leading the way in rammed earth improvements through several key innovations, making it an attractive option for modern, sustainable living. SIREWALL — which stands for “Structural Insulated Rammed Earth WALL” — actually addresses humidity issues even more efficiently through its humidity flywheel effect to maintain perceived temperature and create less energy consumption for heating and cooling.

SIREWALL has also improved upon the concept of rammed earth walls by increasing structural integrity so that the walls can be load bearing. SIREWALL materials mimic the appearance of natural stone, and are naturally and locally sourced but can be shipped anywhere, as they work in nearly every geographic location.


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