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A Sustainable Hole-in-One

By Shelby Tuttle

At this year’s 2024 WM Phoenix Open, luxury apparel brand Peter Millar partnered with Repreve to create a groundbreaking “circular” mini clothing line for the world’s largest zero-waste sporting event, showcasing the power of responsible resource management and expanding the boundaries of sustainability in sports. 


From Landfill to Links: A Second Life for Plastic

The partnership took plastic water bottles from last year’s WM Phoenix Open and transformed them into a stylish, three-piece collection for this year’s tournament. The custom design embodies a commitment to environmental stewardship, as well as the WM Phoenix Open’s unwavering dedication to sustainability.


Repreve: A Leader in Recycled Materials

Repreve, a subsidiary of Unifi, has become a champion for environmental conservation. By transforming over 35 billion plastic bottles into high-quality fibers, the company has significantly reduced plastic waste and reliance on virgin petroleum-based materials. Repreve works with leading brands like Patagonia, Nike, and Asics to turn sustainable materials into mainstream fashion.

A Symbiotic Partnership for a Sustainable Future

Jay Hertwig, Senior Vice President of Commercialization at Unifi, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration. “[We] are so excited to be helping make the largest zero-waste sporting event in the world, the WM Phoenix Open, even more sustainable with this partnership collection with Peter Millar,” he said in a statement. “Now, visitors to the tournament will rest easy knowing that the plastic bottles they use on site [during the tournament] will have a second life that they can wear to next year’s tournament.”

Beyond Zero-Waste: Fostering a Culture of Responsibility

The WM Phoenix Open isn’t just about diverting waste. The event is designed to engage attendees actively in the process, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. Spectators are encouraged to participate in recycling and composting initiatives, making them active contributors to a greener future. But the commitment doesn’t stop there. Tournament organizers also continuously evaluate and improve their sustainability practices, ensuring the event remains a pioneer in eco-conscious event management.

The Peter Millar collection for the WM Phoenix Open signifies a monumental shift towards a more sustainable future for sports and fashion alike. It’s a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation, reminding us that even the smallest plastic bottle can have a significant positive impact – if we give it a second chance.


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