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December 2022

On the cover

Actress Alysia Reiner is familiar to new and long-time fans for multiple roles—including portraying antagonists DODC Agent Sadie Deever in the new television miniseries “Ms. Marvel” on Disney + and Natalie “Fig” Figuroa on “Orange is the New Black.”
But in real life, Reiner is more of a superhero than villain and uses her powers for good as an activist for multiple causes, producer of impactful films, and self-described “eco-momma.”

Highlights include:

Activism and Artistry
Alysia Reiner inspires change
Holiday Feasts & Festivities
your conscious life
All That’s Green and Glitters
Sustainable diamonds make a brilliant gift
An Earth Friendly Holiday
From recycled gift wrap to natural decor
and more!