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Wednesday, May 25, 2022

May 2022

On the cover

Our May issue of Green Living is about travel. We will take you from Yuma to the Grand Canyon with stops along the way. You may want to make your own pitstop by hopping on a motorcycle and join Kyle Petty and 225 of his friends as they make a loop around the southwest for Petty’s charity, Victory Junction Camp. Green Living visits Cottonwood — known as the “Biggest Little Town in Arizona.” It was fun learning about its history, its legends and how this town is making a name for itself both as a travel destination and on the wine trail as the “Heart of Arizona Wine Country.” Alena Jutilla takes us down the Colorado River with Ability360, a nonprofit that empowers people with disabilities to participate in sports and recreation. Their Mainstream Expedition is for adults, 21 and over, taking them whitewater rafting within the Grand Canyon. If you are looking for an uber-culinary experience, check out Terra Farm + Manor. It’s a secluded luxurious hideaway, owned by an award-winning chef, in the middle of the Prescott National Forest. Tyler Butler takes us on an exceptional hiking adventure with Wildland Trekking and Misty Milioto visits artist Matt Willey in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, as he works on a mural about the honeybees — All 50,000 of them.

Highlights include:

Terra Farm + Manor

An epicurean adventure

Wild Trekking in the Grand Canyon

Kyle pEtter makes a pit stop in Arizona

Cottonwood the Heart of Arizona Wine Country

For the Good of the Hive