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Consignment Décor: The Perfect Look for a Fraction of the Cost

By Becca Bober If decorating with used furniture conjures images of your first apartment after college, it’s time to reconsider. Embracing this trendy concept for...

Equinox: Arizona’s Newest Luxury and Eco-Friendly Apartment Complex

By Sophia Doloresco Did you know Arizona now has net zero energy apartment complexes? Check out Equinox, one of Scottsdale’s newest apartment complexes promoting a...

Paint That Man Cave Green

By David M. Brown A woman needs a home, a man his garage. One automotive enthusiast with a superlative collection of vehicles once told me that...

Upcycling Halloween decorations

By Simone Butler Halloween is a special holiday, a time to pull out all the stops – decoration-wise. Stores tend to sell spooky or glittery...

Your conscious lifestyle reflected in your home

How going green can add a warmth and charm to your home. 1. Hood made from reclaimed water tank (cut neatly and reformed) acquired from...

Remodeling Green

BY WILLIAM JANHONEN, LEED AP, NAHB-CGP Taking on a remodel is no easy task – and with a growing movement toward “going green,” there’s a lot more...

Green Up Your Bedroom

Five Tips to Green Your Bedroom Use recycled or repurposed goods Add some vintage flair to your room - it will add texture, character...

Feng Shui your Dorm Room

By Ro Rusnock Maximize the energy in your dorm room by incorporating Feng Shui techniques.  Arrange your desk, your bed and your personal items...

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