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Upcycling Halloween decorations

Ghost Luminary by Joel Lohr

By Simone Butler

Halloween is a special holiday, a time to pull out all the stops – decoration-wise. Stores tend to sell spooky or glittery props, eerie wreaths, and other ornaments that are tempting to show off at your Halloween get-together. Before you purchase new Halloween treasures, take a stab at  and recycling this season. Instead of buying that plastic candelabra, head over to Goodwill, Ultimate Consignment, or any other thrift/consignment store, and just paint and polish (or corrode) an older one to your liking. Save your gallon milk jugs and turn them into ghostly luminaries both you and your children will enjoy decorating. Have you saved your glass bottles? Use low-VOC spray paints to make instant black vases—or candy-corn themed vessels for your table. The possibilities are endless. Old or unwanted items of others can be canvas anew for you to make uncanny, one-of-a-kind treasures this season.

Photo by Joel Lohr


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