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Your conscious lifestyle reflected in your home

How going green can add a warmth and charm to your home.

. Hood made from reclaimed water tank (cut neatly and reformed) acquired from a salvage yard in Page, AZ.

2. Reclaimed French firebrick ceiling and stone walls; interior and exterior.

3. Vintage clay pots.

4. 19th century English cutlery tray.

5. Late 19th century English pewter.

6. 19th century collection of English pewter.

7. Antique Mexican tortilla press.

8. Custom bar stools locally fabricated.

1. Reclaimed French beams throughout home, predates modern machinery. All exterior beams, patios, roof and overhangs.

2. Reclaimed U.S. barn wood from 1850s-1930s. Found in ceilings, interior doors, exterior overhangs, some vertical walls and garage doors.

3. Auto shades that follow the sunlight enters into the home.

4. Full hand cementous plaster interior walls.

5. Antique Spanish Santo made into a lamp.

6. Antique French Aubusson fragments sewn onto pillows to create a timeless look.

7. 19th century fishing rod carrying case refinished and placed on a new stand.

8. Vintage books.

9. Home owner’s existing 19th century French armoire repurposed for a TV cabinet.

10. 1950s Arizona livestock accounting ledger book.

Home Details
The home is energy-efficient, the glass windows have a Huper Optik treatment from Germany that reduces ultraviolet rays into the home, and the HVAC is an underground geothermal with five 300 ft. deep cooling and heating wells – increasing energy savings by 50 percent. Many other reclaimed materials are also incorporated inside and outside the home. The home has automated lighting with LED and low voltage for maximized energy efficient as well as savings from automated shades. The interior and exterior walls and roof have high-efficiency insulation. The exterior has all-natural materials, stone, brick, concrete; and natural native landscaping. All wood finishes, including cabinets, use sustainable materials.

About Wiseman & Gale
Wiseman & Gale Interiors was founded in 1945, and is an Arizona benchmark for luxury residential design — refined, understated, and original. The firm includes 10 highly trained professional interior designers that each possess an extensive knowledge of the unique elements found in the desert — an understanding crucial to creating a home that exists in harmony with its surroundings.

Contact Jana Parker Lee, ASID, project designer at 480-425-4204 or by email at jlee@wisemanandgale.com

About Shiloh
Shiloh is made up of a team of dedicated professionals who work in concert with you every step of the way. We will guide you through the entire process with careful explanation, eliminating unexpected surprises that can take the fun out of building a new home. A full-service Master homebuilder, we connect with top architects, interior designers, or we can work with your own design team.

Contact Shiloh at 480-951-0585 or by email at keith@shilohcustomhomes.com



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