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Feng Shui your Dorm Room

By Ro Rusnock

Maximize the energy in your dorm room by incorporating Feng Shui techniques.  Arrange your desk, your bed and your personal items to create a space where you are surrounded by positive energy and where you and your friends will want to hang out!


1. Bed placement. Don’t place the foot of your bed directly facing a door.  If you’re unable to move your bed, place something like a screen or tall plant between the door and the foot of the bed.


2. Windows. Place your bed away from windows.  If your bed must be under, or next to a window, cover the window with a heavy curtain at night.


3. Computer. Set your computer away from the head of your bed.  If there’s no other location for your computer, unplug it and cover it up before going to sleep.


4. TV. It is a cardinal rule not to have a TV in a bedroom.  Yes, you read it correctly.  Now, with that said, how many college students will acquiesce to this rule…. In this case, cover the TV with some fabric when you are studying or going to sleep.


5. Sharp points (poisonous arrows). Avoid having any sharp points facing your bed or where you sit for long periods of time.  Sharp points can include any furniture with sharp, rather than round, edges – for example, the corner of desk or table.


6. Mirrors. Hang mirrors away from your bed, better yet, place a full length mirror as far from the bed as possible.  Mirrors represent energy in motion and do not allow you to have a restful sleep.


7.  Desk. Arrange your desk so when you are sitting at it you are facing the door, yet not directly in front of the door.  This is called the power position of the room.  If you’re unable to do so, place a mirror on the wall so you can see the door.


8. Plants. It is vitally important to have a real plant in your dorm room.  It can be a small bamboo placed on your desk or a larger plant in the corner of the room.  Plants give us oxygen and refresh our spaces, bringing in nature.  If there are any signs of your plant dying, get rid of it immediately.  Dying plants create negative energy in our spaces.


9. Organized and clean. Keeping your space clear and clutter-free will help you feel relaxed as you study and will also keep you energized for the fun activities you will want to experience with all of your new friends!


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