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Green Up Your Bedroom

Five Tips to Green Your Bedroom

Use recycled or repurposed goods
Add some vintage flair to your room – it will add texture, character and charm For a classic look, hang a vintage mirror, or for accent, turn a vintage scarf into decorative pillows.  [see photo weblink from est est]

Incorporate renewable materials
Choose products made from sustainable materials, such as 100 percent bamboo or organic cotton sheets.

Shop locally
Look for items made either within your state or elsewhere in the USA. Supporting local economy puts money back into the community.

Check the ingredients
Many local retailers, like Crate & Barrel, are now making furniture lines with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified woods with low-emitting adhesives and foams for upholstered goods. Additionally, some lines are also using recycled plastic bottles to fill upholstery. Third-party validation labels, such as GREENGUARD, ensure the product is held to safe quality standards.

Improving Air Quality
Choose no-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints. If not paint, try American Clay plaster products – this product can help control dust, dander and pollen in the air and is most helpful for those with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

Switch out your light bulbs to CFLs and use up to 78 percent less energy.

Wash your sheets with natural botanical and biodegradable ingredients from Vaska. Target.com and Alice.com.

Provided by EST EST Interior Design www.estestinc.com


Est Est suggests a bed made from 100% FSC Certified discarded and reclaimed woods. From Four Hands Furniture – Sierra Collection. Fourhands.com






Replace some of your bedroom furniture with Target’s private label line, “Room Essentials.” This line offers home furniture made from wood derived from sustainably managed forests. Target.com




Room Essentials Nightstand-Maple Dresser TV Stand


Change out your old sheets for new organic sheets made from 100 percent cotton fiber. Target.com






Big Shrimpy® pet beds are made with 50-75 percent recycled materials and the whole bed is washable. Noblebeastpets.com








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