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Celebrating International Being You Day

By Dr. Dain Heer In the US, most people have the right to ten days of paid vacation a year—ten tiny days where they finally...

Health & Wellness

In Bloom

By Camilla Sexton When people think of Arizona, they generally think of saguaro wilderness, the oppressive heat, and the Grand Canyon. That doesn’t seem like...


Monsoon Season Brings Creepy Crawlers

By Aaron Gonzales, Founder & COO of Slick Barrier June 14 marked the start of Arizona’s monsoon, which annually replenishes the dry land and diminishes...


Pictures Of Time

By Shelby Tuttle Veteran entertainment photographer David Alexander recently unveiled a stunning debut book, Pictures of Time, offering a fresh perspective on humanity and our...

Caught in the Act


Tasty AZ’s Salmon Bowl

This salmon bowl is an easy dish with massive flavor payout. The cooking technique creates a delightful crust on the salmon and the blend...


Feeling At Home

By Shannon Harris, Fuse Living Interiors and Homeself Neurodesign   Generally speaking, when talking about neuroscience, we look at the interplay of cognition, emotion, and behavior...

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Green Brew

By Alison Bailin Batz   The Grand Canyon State is Arizona Wilderness Brewing Co.’s muse.  “And we treat her as such,” said Zach Fowle, head of marketing...

Tasting Tips for Sustainable Sips

By Madeleine Bell Over the past few years, the food industry has undergone a significant shift towards organic, sustainably grown produce. This trend, driven by...

Sip and Savor Sustainably in Temecula: A Green Wine Country On The Rise

Nestled just an hour inland from San Diego, and just a five-hour drive from the Valley, Temecula – named among the “Top 10 Wine...


Electric Car Charging Gets a Turbo Boost: 10-Minute Charge for Polestar Prototype

By Shelby Tuttle A recent collaboration between Polestar, a leader in electric vehicles, and StoreDot, a pioneer in extreme fast charging (XFC) battery technology, has...

Pioneering Sustainable Air Travel

By Angela Fairhurst   Groundbreaking advancements are happening as the aviation industry stands on the cusp of monumental transformation, propelled by electric airplanes. These electric planes...

Audi Debuts Premium Electric Mountain Bike for Off-Road Enthusiasts

Audi has expanded its electric mobility offerings with the introduction of a limited-edition electric mountain bike (eMTB) powered by Fantic. This enduro-style eMTB combines...

Could Phoenix Redefine Public Transportation?

By Rita Mouchi Phoenix, Arizona. As a growing metropolis in the heart of the desert, the city has long been synonymous with car culture. With...


Achieving a Good Skincare Routine While Traveling

By: Vanessa Ngon – Director of Training and Master Aesthetician at Derma Health Skin & Laser   Traveling is a joyful experience, but it can also...

Midwestern Charm

By Misty Milioto Located just an hour south of Indianapolis, Bloomington, Indiana—along with its neighboring cities to the east, Nashville and Columbus—offers a surprising mix...

Paradise Preserved: Avani+Fares is Leading Sustainable Luxury in the Maldives

By Angela Fairhurst In a world where climate change looms as the greatest threat to human health, the Maldives stands as a frontline witness to...

Fun-Loving Lubbock

By Misty Milioto Known as Hub City (the economic, education, and healthcare center of the South Plains), Lubbock, Texas, is a lively city blending Western...

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