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APS Solar Communities Program

This Program Helps Limited-Income Customers Reduce Monthly Bills and Support Solar Energy in Arizona By Elaina Verhoff What if you could have solar panels installed on...

Cool Outrageous Stuff: July 2019

  Pure Power Protein Bars Pure Power Protein bars are an organic, gluten-free, vegan source of sustained energy to get you through your workday, to snack...

Sunny Energy Shines Bright in Arizona

By Alison Bailin Batz. There are more than 140,000 homes in Arizona that have made the switch to solar. “Everyone has their own unique reason for...

Metamorphosis Energy’s Mission to Make Arizona the Energy Capital of America

From soup to solar...and beyond By Melissa Goodwin Danish poet Piet Hein once wrote, “We shall have to evolve problem-solvers galore since each problem they solve...

Renewable Energy and Prop 127, in a nutshell

By Paul Hirt The citizen initiative that brought Prop 127 to the November ballot has drawn considerable attention and controversy. This article seeks to shed...

Schooled in Sustainability and the Environment: 10 Top Schools

By Faith Cain and Andre Butzberger Are you interested in turning your passion for the planet into a career? Or perhaps you want to pursue...

4 Reasons to Go Solar Before the APS Deadline

By Kyle Ritland It seems like we’re always gearing up for the next solar deadline, even though we just passed some important ones, like those associated...

Sun After Dark: APS’ Energy Storage Strategy

By Bharat Venkatesh With costs of solar energy production decreasing as related technology advances, the future of the solar industry seems bright. However, we can’t...

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