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Cool Outrageous Stuff: July 2019

Cool Outrageous Stuff Summer Edition
NoPoPo Water Powered Battery


Pure Power Protein Bars

Pure Power Protein bars are an organic, gluten-free, vegan source of sustained energy to get you through your workday, to snack on while traveling, or to energize you for your gym session. Additionally, they boast 14 grams of protein per bar, are verified non-GMO, and use organic tapioca syrup for sweetness instead of artificial sweeteners like so many others bars do. But the best part is that they’ll not only sustain you, but also the planet, as they are produced completely by clean and renewable solar energy. Find them at shop.merocla.com and purchase 12 bars for $26.97.

RAVPower Solar Chargers

RAVPower Solar Chargers are a compact, lightweight, travel-friendly solar charger to charge your smaller tech devices. They’re perfect to carry with you when hiking or camping, when the charger will have exposure to the sun and will therefore be able to charge your phone or tablet easily. Furthermore, they have efficient energy conversion, charge at an optimal speed, and are weather-resistant. Purchase one for $49.99 at ravpower.com. 

Swiftly Done Solar Power Outdoor LED Light

This light allows you to light up your backyard or porch using the sun’s energy. It’s durable, weather-resistant, light, and easily installed on any surface using the peel-and-stick method. The light has a solar panel, which has a lifespan of five years, and a white light with a lifespan of 5.7 years. The reason for the long shelf life? They stay at half-brightness when idle, brighten up to full brightness when they detect motion, switch off automatically at sunrise, and turn back on when the sun sets. Find them for $35.47 at walmart.com.

The Big Green Egg 100% Natural Lump Charcoal

Standard briquettes that are used for barbecuing give off carbon monoxide and soot. Lump charcoal doesn’t, but still lets users utilize their charcoal to produce a delicious BBQ flavor. This product also has no additives or chemicals, as Big Green Egg always uses natural charcoal. This releases less gas and soot emissions. For $55.50 you can buy the charcoal at biggreenegg.com and make your summer BBQs more environmentally friendly. 

NoPoPo Water Powered Battery

This battery is powered by water—or any other liquid, including everything from coke to beer—is 100% non-toxic, and holds a charge for up to 10 years. They can be charged up to five times and used to power a device like any standard AA battery does. This battery can only power smaller devices, like flashlights and remote controls, but it is also only $21 for six batteries. Find them at japantrendshop.com.

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