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Vegamour’s holistic hair care review

By Green Living staff

A hair care product that’s vegan and plant-based? Yes please. 

Vegamour sent Green Living Publisher Dorie Morales its GRO essentials kit, scalp detoxifying serum, biotin gummies and GRO dry shampoo and she fell in love with it. 

The GRO essentials kit includes shampoo, conditioner and serum. It’s great for those who want thicker hair. Even if the products weren’t used every day, Morales said she still noticed a difference.

“My hair grew and felt thicker and I did not have as much hair loss,” she said. “The dry shampoo was my favorite product because I do not wash my hair every day and promotes hair growth and gets rid of the oil sheen.” 

Credit: Vegamour

Vegamour uses a holistic approach to their products, which are plant-based, and use no harmful chemicals. It’s hair care products that don’t use short-term “fixes” that can lead to long-term problems, the website says. 

“I love that the products are eco friendly, chemical free, paraben-free, cruelty free vegan and plant based,” she said.

Founder Dan Hodgdon learned that life on a Vermont dairy farm is dependent on the symbiotic relationship between living organisms and the elements in their environment. So Vegamour mirrors nature’s approach to healthy growth and function by combining plant-based actives, enzymes and proteins to create an optimal ecosystem for hair wellness. 

A sampling of ingredients include turmeric, red clover, mung bean, Karmatin (vegan keratin alternative), amino acid blend and CBD. The gummies include vitamins that promote hair growth, such as zinc, folic acid and vitamins A, B-5, C, E , 6 and 12.

The company takes pride in working harmoniously with nature that also does not compromise health and sustainability. That results in direct, fair-trade partnerships and ethically harvested high-quality, natural actives. 

Four core pillars keep Vegamour on its mission. The first, bioavailability, ensures that each ingredient is optimized for maximum efficiency. Second, Vegamour uses clean, all vegan ingredients, and that includes not testing on animals nor using toxic chemicals. Third, products work together, not against each other. Finally, ingredients are clinically tested for purity and optimal efficacy. 

Vegamour also offers products for lashes, brows and hair care accessories.

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