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Trending Green – May 2024

DecoArt Crafts a Better World with Industry’s First Reclaimed and Recycled Acrylic Craft Paint

DecoArt, a manufacturer of acrylic craft paints, recently announced its introduction of a new DecoEarth line. DecoEarth is an all-purpose acrylic paint made with 70% recycled material and the first of its kind on the market. Twenty seven matte-finish colors will soon be available in national retail stores.

Queen of Eco-Pop Inanna Releases Environmental Anthem for Earth Day


Environmentalist and climate music artist Inanna released her latest single “Contagious” on Earth Day. “Contagious” emphasizes the transformative power of positive contagion. With evocative lyrics, Inanna urges listeners to embrace the collective responsibility of nurturing our planet.


Climate United Awarded $6.97 Billion Grant From National Clean Investment Fund

On April 4, Vice President Kamala Harris and EPA Administrator Michael Regan announced a $6.97 billion investment from the National Clean Investment Fund (NCIF) to Climate United, a national nonprofit focused on delivering the benefits of green technologies to communities across the county.

Appeals Court Affirms California’s Authority to Set Clean Vehicle Standards

On April 9, the U.S. Court of Appeals rejected challenges that sought to overturn California’s authority to set its own protective standards for pollution from new cars and trucks under the Clean Air Act. “California’s clean car standards will save lives, protect people from the climate crisis and unhealthy air pollution, save drivers money, and help create good new jobs,” said Alice Henderson, director and lead counsel for Environmental Defense Fund,

New Threats to New Mexico’s Rivers Also Endanger Its Groundwater Resources

New Mexico’s ecosystems and drinking water sources are already endangered. However according to a new analysis recently released by American Rivers, new threats to the state’s rivers also pose a risk to groundwater resources. The state’s rivers now collectively rank as the most endangered in America. 


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