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Pre-Engineered Solar Offers Easy Relief as Arizonan’s Shelter at Home

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Sun Valley Solar

With everything going on in the world, installing solar panels is probably not at the top of most people’s minds. But with more families spending time at home this summer, going solar offers welcome relief from the certainty of higher electricity bills. What’s more, current solar incentives are ramping down fast, so moving swiftly has tangible financial benefits if you’ve opted to stay on the sidelines until now.

At Sun Valley Solar Solutions, we’ve installed about 8000 residential solar energy systems throughout Arizona since 2014, and many additional megawatts of commercial solar as well. This experience gives us a unique understanding of where system size and optimal return align for the majority of Arizona homes. We used this data to create a family of turnkey solar packages that offer tangible cost savings for people looking for a simpler way to unplug from rising electricity costs by producing their own electricity.

An innovative new approach – Pre-Engineered Solar

Pre-engineered solar packages leverage bundling efficiencies to streamline installation processes, simplify the overall shopping experience, and reduce entry costs. There are six systems in total, complete with panels, racking, inverter, and basic installation. The systems range from 3.84kw to 14.08kW, with pricing from 59.95 per month to $189.95 per month on a 20-year loan. And unlike a lease, these are owned systems, which means the freedom to add
panels or batteries down the road, take the system with you if you move, and most importantly, you get to keep your tax credits!

Online estimator makes pricing and savings fully transparent:

It’s common practice for conventional solar companies to spend hours reviewing a wide variety of factors before arriving at a final purchase price. From property details to energy consumption history, this highly interactive discovery process is intimidating to \homeowners who are still at the beginning of their research, and simply trying to establish a “ballpark” figure to justify taking the next step.

Sun Valley Solar

To help simplify this critical discovery phase, Sun Valley Solar Solutions developed and easy online estimating tool that allows would-be solar customers to match with their ideal pre-engineered solar package. The estimator quickly delivers a baseline purchase price and savings estimate, while allowing homeowners to explore other pre-engineered system sizes and price points, as well as incentives and battery additions.

Dwindling incentives:

In 2020 the long-standing 30% tax credit dropped to 26% as part of a multi-year ramp down. In 2021 the federal tax credit will reduce again to 22% before expiring by 2022. Also, while most Arizona utilities still offer credits for excess solar energy sent back to the grid, these buyback rates are shrinking annually, with the next big reduction scheduled for later this summer. On the upside, once you sign-up, you are typically grandfathered into your chosen rate plan for 10 years. So, when it comes to solar incentives, waiting is not the best option.

To explore Sun Valley Solar Solutions’ pre-engineered packages and try the easy online estimator for yourself, visit www.sunvalleysolar.com/savings.

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