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Simone De La Rue, Celebrity Trainer, Shares Health Tips for the New Year

The Body By Simone founder talks her best well-being advice.

With the new year comes an abundance of personal resolutions and dreams—and while most are created with good intention, the real challenge is in maintaining these goals beyond January. Celebrity trainer and fitness expert, Simone De La Rue, wants to help people create effective habits for a well-rounded lifestyle that are manageable all year.

The trainer-to-the-stars boasts an impressive client list, having worked with A-listers like Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Garner, Sandra Bullock, Khloe Kardashian, and Chrissy Teigen, among others. Her extensive experience and genuine desire to help people evolve into their best selves has allowed the health guru to build the global lifestyle brand, Body by Simone, while also crafting an unparalleled reputation in Hollywood.

I always say a bicep curl is a bicep curl, but what I am doing is selling a feeling. How you make a client feel is everything,” says De La Rue.

We had the chance to connect with Simone and ask her questions about at-home workouts, how to establish an effective morning routine, and what she considers to be her professional superpower. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

Green Living (GL): How can people stick to a healthy fitness regimen in the new year? 

Simone De La Rue (SDLR): Goals look different this year as we embark on more months spent at home. Trying to self-motivate is challenging. I always advise clients to set realistic goals that they can achieve. We are forced to do more cooking at home, which is a great thing. This way you are aware of exactly what it is you are putting into your meals and into your bodies. Do a large meal prep on a Sunday, and freeze it, that way you have meals for the week and you are not inclined to end up ordering take out. Workout first thing in the morning, even if it is 10-20 minutes. It will put you in a great mental state for the rest of your day, and this way you get it done, no reason to make excuses.


(GL): Starting off our days in the right headspace is so important. What does your morning routine look like? And what are your recommendations for others trying to craft their own? 

(SDLR): Waking up and practicing gratitude is a daily ritual for me. I snuggle my son every morning before opening the curtains and watching the sunrise. I find that my phone can cause stress, so I really try to stay present in the moment, even if it is for only 5 minutes. I recommend clients do the same—wake up, practice gratitude, be still, meditate and then look at your phone or diary and see what it is you want and can achieve today. Most importantly, be kind to yourself, speak to yourself with love. How you start your day can reflect the way it will continue.


(GL): COVID has forced many people to transition their gym exercises into their own homes. How can we create an effective at-home workout, even if we’re limited on equipment and space? 

(SDLR): You really only need a small amount of space to workout. And you can get a great workout with just your own body weight. Now is the time to try different workouts and see what you connect with. You can also join in with your partner and make it a family affair. Carving out some space in your house that is your “gym area” will help. Leave your yoga mat out so you see it when you walk past—this will remind you to return to it and practice. 

Creator of Body By Simone, Simone De La Rue. Photo by STUDIO 1208.

(GL): Our physical and mental health go hand-in-hand. What’s your own self-care strategy? Any strategies that you’ve actually learned from your own clients? 

(SDLR): Yes, I truly believe that for me movement, meditation, yoga and being in nature are the keys to keeping me in a positive mental state. I notice if I have not done any of these that my moods tend to drop. Being a mum, my own self-care tends to take a back seat, so I am trying to make more time for my own self-care. What I have learnt is these practices can literally be 5-10 minutes of your day. A little self-love goes a long way.


(GL): What are your own personal goals for both yourself and your brand? 

(SDLR): Over the past year, I have had to learn to evolve and pivot. My studios have been closed for 10 months now, so we have had to learn to find other ways of connection. I am grateful for my app and the daily live classes that still support our community. I personally have evolved and am moving into the life coach space. Over my ten years of working with Hollywood’s elite, I have discovered that transformation begins within you—you must do the inner work alongside the physical to truly transform. Mental, emotional, spiritual and physical are all connected. 


(GL): As a fitness expert and entrepreneur, what would you say is your professional superpower and the thing that sets you apart from other celebrity trainers or coaches? 

(SDLR): I would say my superpower is my ability to disarm people and make them feel comfortable and empowered. I always say a bicep curl is a bicep curl, but what I am doing is selling a feeling. How you make a client feel is everything.


(GL): What can fans of Body By Simone anticipate in the new year? 

(SDLR): More amazing workouts on the Body By Simone (BBS) app, virtual retreats and events, and more connection to the self through movement. 


Photo of Simone De La Rue courtesy of STUDIO 1208. For more information on Simone De La Rue and Body By Simone, visit www.bodybysimone.com.

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