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4 Green Influencers to Follow This Year

Here are four green influencers making waves on social media for their commitment to environmental engagement.

As the climate crisis remains a pertinent issue heading into 2021, social media continues to be a tool that fosters an empowering form of engagement with the environment and sustainability. Here are four green influencers to follow this year.

Photo courtesy of @Queerbrownvegan’s Instagram.

@Queerbrownvegan: Isaias Hernandez created @queerbrownvegan as a space to educate people about the environmental movement, particularly veganism, zero-waste living, and environmental justice. Through colorful infographics, recipes and photographs, @queerbrownvegan emphasizes the importance of learning and asking as many questions as possible, while advocating for the importance of community and discourse. Based in California, Isaias is incredibly passionate about educating people about the environment and empowerment through personal experience, and uses his page to answer your burning environmental questions, particularly the links between social justice and the climate crisis.  

Photo courtesy of @Greengirlleah’s Instagram.

@Greengirlleah: Created by environmentalist and writer Leah Thomas, @greengirlleah is an eco-lifestyle blog and a creative outlet that reiterates the relationship between social justice and environmentalism. As a green influencer,  Leah creates a sense of community and joy that empowers you to think differently about sustainability, social justice and its relationship to the environment. Leah has also written pieces that have appeared in Vogue, Elle and The Good Trade. Keep up with Leah’s work at @greengirlleah , @thegreensgirlco and The Intersectional Environmentalist Platform on Instagram. 


Photo courtesy of @Soulful_seeds’ Instagram.

@Soulful_seeds: If you’re looking for inspiration on sustainable fashion, @soulful_seeds is an account to check out. Created by environmental activist, Zahra Biabani, @soulful_seeds is an account dedicated to explaining eco-terms and social issues that are affecting the planet. Zahra cultivates a friendly space for discussion and education through Tik Toks, infographics, and livestreams. 

You can also follow Zahra at her blog, which features original writings and other resources on sustainable living. 


Photo courtesy of @Ecowithnico’s Instagram.-

@Ecowithnico: @Ecowithnico documents 23 year-old Nicole Wykes’ experiences with growing food at home, exploring the outdoors, and following a sustainable lifestyle. Each of Nicole’s posts contains information about sustainable fashion, movie and book recommendations, and every day actions to make your day-to-day life more sustainable. If you’re looking for ways to make your daily habits sustainable, be sure to check out @Ecowithnico on Instagram.

Header photo courtesy of Sticker Mule on Unsplash. Keep up with all of Green Living‘s original content online and on social media.


    • Hey Betina—we’re so glad that you like this article! These four are definitely helping to change the world for the better.


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