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Editors Letter: Renewable Energy July 2019

Renewable Energy July 2019

As the song goes, “The future‘s so bright, I gotta wear shades.”

Seriously, it is so encouraging to learn how many people are invested in changing the world for the better, saving its resources, and creating overall health and wellness for both the environment and the people living on this planet.

Have you heard about what’s being planned for the future of cities? Read about how Arizona is on the forefront of creating a “smart city”—and what a smart city is.

We also look toward the future of transportation and the rideshare industry as part of the city landscape. Could an aerial rideshare model be on the horizon? I love the idea—though (gulp!) I’m personally terrified of heights!

We even take a look back at the past to look into the future, in our article on the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Learn how innovations from that have impacted—and will continue to impact—sustainable and eco-friendly living.  For the (astronaut ice cream) scoop, click here.

Of course, as we talk about renewable energy this month, we have to look toward solar. Our cover story on Sunny Energy talks about the benefits of installing solar panels to your home. If you don’t currently have solar installed, it’s a great option to think about to both reduce your energy bills and make an impact on the Earth.

There is lots more to read and learn about, as well. Read about everything from fashion to beer to the impact of local rivers on the economy and tourism, and how one person is helping others to change their mindsets for the better and improve their happiness.

I told you—the future’s so bright!


Michelle Glicksman



Photo courtesy of the Generator Judge.


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