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Cool Outrageous Stuff – June 2024

by Anna Dorl


A person’s home, no matter where it may be, is often the place that represents them the most. If you’re reading this, you’re probably on the hunt for some aesthetically pleasing products that don’t only add design and function but also benefit the Earth. As the one home that we all share, our planet gives us everything we need. Mindful consumerism is one of the most important ways to help shift environmental impact. Choosing greener ingredients, supporting sustainable manufacturing, and creating less waste helps to build a greener future for all. Here are five items that can help make your home a greener place.


Coconut Candle 3 Pack by Coconut Bowls

Coconut Bowls, a certified B Corporation, sells bowls crafted out of coconut shells. Their naturally concave shape is refined by craftsmen in Indonesia and Vietnam, who clean and prepare them. Their Coconut Candle 3 Pack, made from their coconut bowls, includes three coconut-soy wax blend candles with natural fragrance oils. After you’ve lit one for the last time, you can say thank you by returning the natural container to the Earth, as each bowl is compostable. Scents include Toasted Coconut, Coconut Lime, Tropical Fruits, Ocean Breeze, Sandalwood Vanilla, and Pure and Unscented.



Recycled Sari Wrapped Wire Basket by Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages describes itself as a “maker-to-market-movement” with fair trade at the heart of its mission. The company showcases and sells unique items made by artisans from countries across the globe. Everyone can use a new basket to store their stuff around the house, but this Recycled Sari Wrapped Wire Basket is so much more than just a convenient container. Built from wire, the baskets are wrapped with recycled saris, each with its own pattern and color combination. Every unique piece is handcrafted in India by environmentalist artisans from Noah’s Ark International Exports, a fair trade handicraft marketing organization.



Birth Month Wildflower Bouquet by Uncommon Goods

While bouquets of real flowers are beautiful, they aren’t always the most sustainable choice. Instead of plucking plants from the ground, why not celebrate a momentous occasion with a long-lasting, sustainable item that will never wilt? These beautifully unique arrangements, available from Uncommon Goods, feature wildflowers that correspond to each birth month. For example, the January bouquet includes carnations, while December’s is narcissus. These one-of-a-kind pieces of art are crafted from recycled glass and recycled paper, displayed on an alder wood base with brass wire. Through a creative partnership, Philippines-based artist Loly Gomez works with Chicago entrepreneur and designer Carmi Plaut to bring these undying flowers to life.



FTO Biodegradable Kitchen Sponges – Pack of 2 by Free the Ocean

The next time you’re ready to replenish your kitchen sponge supply, don’t forget that most of them contain plastic. When you throw away a regular sponge, its fate will most likely be to rot in a landfill for hundreds to thousands of years; even natural sponges can take up to five years to decompose. Biodegradable kitchen sponges, like this two-pack from Free the Ocean, are a great solution to this everyday issue. These sponges are created from plant cellulose, a material that the Earth already knows well. After you’ve washed your last dish with one, you can compost it. Free the Ocean says that these sponges can outlast plastic ones and “absorb up to 10 times their weight!”



YONA Cardboard Bed

Whether you’re getting a new mattress or bed frame, moving soon, or having company over, the YONA Cardboard Bed is here to help you and the planet. Before you cast aside the idea of putting your mattress atop cardboard, consider this: a YONA Bed can hold up to 7,054 pounds. Made from recycled cardboard from the United States, these beds come in multiple colors and mattress sizes. Setup only requires removing the YONA bed from its shipping box and topping it with your own mattress. The company offers a 30-day trial and five-year warranty. For customers in the continental U.S., YONA offers free, carbon-neutral shipping as well.



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