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Marci Zaroff’s Latest Eco Venture Is A Sustainable, Size-Inclusive Fashion Line

Zaroff has continued to dominate the landscape of conscious styling, and has served as a leader in the movement towards more environmentally-friendly fashion.

Eco fashion expert, Marci Zaroff, is regarded by many as one of the key innovators of the global, sustainable fashion movement. Back in 1995, when Zaroff trademarked the term “eco-fashion,” she was, in many ways, ahead of her time. But since then, she’s continued to dominate the landscape of conscious styling, and has served as a leader in the movement towards more environmentally-friendly fashion.


Her latest venture comes in the form of the first size-inclusive, fully organic (GOTS-certified) fashion brand, Seed to Style, to launch on QVC. The collection—which is set to launch on Jan. 29 at 5 p.m. EST—will offer an extensive size range on its clothing pieces, all of which are made from certified organic cotton.


While Zaroff is no stranger to working with QVC—the founder and CEO of the ECOfashion Corp. had previously launched her Farm to Home collection on the platform back in 2019 too—the significance of this release makes it unlike anything else seen on the channel.

The Seed to Style collection isn’t just unique in its size-inclusivity—though that is a valued trait, as consumers can shop pieces that range from XXS to 3XL sizes. The real beauty is all in the details, as the brand utilizes GMO-free seeds to grow organic cotton and each of the products are Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified.


With bold animal print styles and tie dye pieces accented by soft hues, the debut collection will reportedly feature 14 different styles that are as fresh and beautiful, as they are completely comfortable—if you’re wondering, yes, it’s basically the perfect quarantine uniform.


To celebrate the collection’s release, Marci Zaroff joined Dorie Morales, publisher of Green Living magazine, via an Instagram Live segment to talk exclusively about the details of the project.


This post has been updated to include the details of the Instagram live segment which occurred after the original post was published.

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