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Wellness Wednesday: Phoenix’s Best Local Yoga Studios

Self-care and mental health remain essential for our well-being, and one popular practice that helps to maintain both is yoga.

As we welcome the new year in a time when stress levels are high, taking care of our minds and bodies is particularly important. And although the world has changed in unpredictable ways this past year, some things are constant. Self-care and mental health remain essential for our well-being, and one popular practice that helps to maintain both is yoga. What better way to support yourself while also helping out local businesses?

Here are some of the best yoga studios in the Valley that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

Copper Moon Yoga


Copper Moon Yoga is a great place to begin practicing yoga for beginners or to expand upon existing yoga skills for intermediate and advanced yogis. With over 50 classes offered every week, this studio has the perfect class for everyone. Copper Moon’s unique classes include aerial yoga, Yin Eclipse, Venus Hot Yoga, and much more. This studio aims to help its students develop the skills to strengthen physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Desert Song Healing Arts Center


If you are looking for more than just a yoga studio, Desert Song Healing Arts Center is the perfect choice. With over 50 classes every week (34 online classes during quarantine) in yoga, tai chi, and meditation, the center also offers acupuncture and massage therapy. There is a great sense of community along with the opportunity to attend festivals, workshops, and retreats. You may even get the chance to practice your gardening skills!

Metta Yoga


While the pandemic has made it impossible for most yoga studios to continue holding classes in-person, Metta Yoga has adapted to accommodate anyone who needs in-person instruction. This studio offers multiple outdoor yoga classes every week, studio classes with limited capacity, and sync classes streamed online in real time. Metta Yoga also offers retreats, workshops, facials, and stress-reduction programs.

Shanti Yoga


For a smaller studio and an intimate setting, Shanti Yoga is the perfect place to be. With a cozy atmosphere and relaxing vibes, this studio creates a safe learning environment that’s excellent for both beginners and seasoned yogis. There are many different classes available for individuals, groups, and team-building. Yoga classes can even be held in your own home with an instructor. Unlike many other yoga studios, this studio has adaptations for safe yoga instruction over Zoom too.

Urban Yoga


Urban Yoga is a sustainably-minded community built around the ideas of global experiences, compassion, and peace. This studio offers 50 classes every week in a beautiful studio that radiates positivity and tranquility. The space also offers a variety of different classes including foundations, restorative yoga, meditation, and various flows. Additionally, Urban Yoga offers workshops, retreats, and teacher training. Be sure to check out their on-site boutique that supports local, sustainable, ethical, and healthy products. 

Like many of us, if you find yourself searching for something to do while staying safe during the pandemic, look into supporting one of these local yoga studios—or any others that you might like too. With a variety of unique classes ranging from aerial yoga to socially-distanced Zoom instruction, you are sure to find a class to your liking. Best of all, you will feel much more prepared to take on each day as you become more in-touch with your inner self!

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