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January Resolutions—Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Carbon footprint

By John Olivieri

January 1 marked the begging of a new decade—a decade that scientists tell us is the critical time to save our planet from the most serious climate impacts. As you think about your resolutions for the year ahead—or even your “New Decade Resolutions”—consider how to reduce your own carbon footprint. 

Use Less Energy

Electricity production accounts for 31% of the United State’s greenhouse gas emissions. Be mindful of your energy consumption so that you use less when possible. Turn off the faucet when brushing your teeth, combine loads of laundry, and remember to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Adjusting your actions to reduce your electricity consumption ultimately means that less electricity needs to be produced for your home. 

Reuse Products

By reusing products, you can prevent the fossil fuel emissions that would have occurred with the production of a new product. Before throwing something away, consider whether or not it can be repurposed. Food jars can be washed and used for storage, plastic bags can be reused, books can be shared, and clothes can be donated. Reuse, donate, or recycle products whenever possible. 

Power Your Home with Wind and Solar

Choosing renewable energy for your home’s electricity is one of the most impactful steps you can take to reduce your fossil fuel consumption. On average, the electricity usage of each household in the United States generates over 14,900 pounds of carbon pollution annually.* By switching the source of your home’s electricity to renewable sources like wind and solar, you are significantly decreasing your home’s carbon pollution. Make this change in just minutes by switching to renewable energy at www.cleanchoiceenenergy.com. CleanChoice Energy is a renewable energy company that empowers people and businesses to cut emissions and live cleaner lives.

Support Reforestation

Replanting forests makes an impact. Every holiday season, each person adds an additional 1,400 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) on average. But people can reduce that impact by supporting the replanting of America’s forests. U.S. forests offset between 10% to 20%  of U.S. emissions each year—and each new tree planted can absorb 48 pounds of carbon as it matures.

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John Olivieri is the director, public and community relations at CleanChoice Energy, a renewable energy company that empowers people and businesses to live cleaner and healthier lives. Olivieri is focused on doing all he can to help people reduce their environmental impact and solve climate change. He has previously worked for a nonprofit organization.


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