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Most Likely to Change the World: Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity, a nationwide organization dedicated to building homes, community, and hope, has a special chapter in Central Arizona. The local organization recently built its first 3D-printed home, designed by the world-renowned team at Candelaria Design. 

This kind of innovation does not happen without amazing partners, and we are extremely grateful to all of them,” says Dusty Parsons, chief marketing officer at HHCA. “It was only a year ago that this undertaking seemed impossible, and now its done. Its indicative of what can happen when everyone involved is committed to giving their best. Its also about what’s possible in the future.”

By building a 3D-printed home, HHCA is tackling one of Arizonas most pressing issues: home affordability. “The idea of having a decent, affordable place to call home isnt simply an American dream, its a universal one,” Parsons says. “Like every challenge we face, we know it will take creativity and collaboration to overcome this challenge.”

In today’s climate of acute housing shortages, it is important for organizations like HHCA to consider more scalable and more affordable home-ownership solutions. “We are continuing to explore innovative ways to address this critical issue,” Parsons says. “We wanted to try something new; perhaps tech companies or commercial developers can run with this now, scale it, and make it more affordable and more sustainable.”

Another way the organization helps those in the local community is through its four Habitat ReStore locations. Part home-improvement store, part thrift store, and part home store, a Habitat ReStore has it all. “Each store carries a wide selection of items from cabinets and appliances to home decor, furniture, flooring, and more,” Parsons says. “Habitat ReStores feature new and gently used items at a fraction of the retail cost. Last year we were able to keep four million pounds of unwanted goods out of local landfills by accepting donations from commercial and private donors looking to give back to the community.”

HHCA also offers free deconstruction services to remove kitchen cabinets, appliances, bathroom fixtures, and doors before a remodel or renovation. 

Those interested in helping can shop at one of the Habitat Restores, donate directly, or sign up to volunteer. www.habitatcaz.org

Runner up: Footprint, www.footprintcenter.com


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