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Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona Unveils Its First 3D-Printed Home in the U.S.

Everything to know about the groundbreaking project

Habitat for Humanity Central Arizona recently unveiled its first 3D-printed home in the United States.

This innovative project is set to serve as a new hope for the housing crisis. And while the 3D-printed home—the first of its kind in Tempe—is still under construction, the groundbreaking initiative was first shown to the public in a press conference last week on June 9th.

Jason Barlow, CEO of Habitat for Humanity of Central Arizona, kicked off the press conference by thanking all of the project’s partners, and his remarks were followed by those from Tempe Mayor Cory Woods, CEO of PERI USA Strydom Groenwald, Principal of 3D Construction Paul McAllister, and Team Director and Project Manager for Candelaria Design Damon Wake. 

This particular project involves the building of a custom, single-story home, on a lot owned by the City of Tempe. The home combines 3D printing and conventional construction to create an innovative model for the future.


Not only is the home building project scalable, it also acts as a cost-effective homeownership solution to address the affordable housing crisis that many communities are facing throughout Arizona and the greater United States.

The home—which is designed by the world-renowned team at Candeleria Design—is a single-family house with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and over 1,700-square feet of space. Additionally, about 70-80% of the home has been constructed through the use of a 3D-printer—while the rest of the house relies on traditional construction techniques for its build. 


The projects aims to address the lack of affordable housing in the Phoenix metro area—most of which is already at an all-time high. As Habitat for Humanity and the City of Tempe continue to explore innovative ways to address this critical issue, this home-building project offers a feasible next stop to facing the issue head-on.

In the face of an acute affordable housing shortage, Habitat for Humanity and the City of Tempe are continuing to look for scalable and affordable homeownership solutions—with 3D-printing expected to be a key game-changer in this space.


For more information on Habit for Humanity’s latest project, in partnership with City of Tempe, visit www.habitatcaz.org.

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