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Best Sustainable Home Products: FOR Energy

In our first Best Of Issue, Green Living Magazine is proud to acknowledge the individuals and businesses that have made a conscious and sustainable impact on the community — all as voted on by readers. Arizona has experienced substantial growth in recent years, and, as such, the focus on sustainability and living more healthful lives has also been in the spotlight. Here, we invite you to learn more about the movers and shakers in the green living space. Congratulations to our winners!

When Sean McGraw, owner at FOR Energy, started the company with the help of his father, Brian, it was to make a brighter future for the community. “My dad owned a construction company in Detroit until 2007, when I started at Arizona State University,” McGraw says. “I studied sustainability and solar at ASU, in the hopes of doing something that would make a difference and make the future brighter for our local and global communities.”

At the start, FOR Energy (then known as Affordable Energy Solutions) installed solar panels and offered energy audits. Clients responded, and, since then, the company has helped many Arizona residents maximize the energy-efficiency of their homes. 

His mission today—one that hasn’t changed over the years—is to continue to provide sustainable solutions for generations. However, his client base, and his services, have increased. FOR Energy now also offers solar installations, insulation, windows, HVAC, duct sealing, and much more.

“Most people do not know why they have uncomfortable areas of their home or why they have high bills,” McGraw says. “The natural tendency is to call an HVAC company, replace windows, or add more insulation. While those may be good solutions, the audit pinpoints exactly what needs to be done to achieve the desired outcome. The audit gives homeowners a roadmap to addressing high bills, indoor air quality, and comfort in their homes.”

McGraw, who admires Elon Musk for the impact he has had on industry, says that building science matters. “From the orientation to the space to the design, if thought through effectively, you can achieve amazing results,” he says. “Have an audit done; remove the guesswork and learn about your home.” 

McGraw also finds purpose in giving back to the community via the Phoenix 20-30 Club (an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for vulnerable young people and empowering them by developing their leadership skills) and ASU’s GlobalResolve (a program that bridges the global divide with sustainable and collaborative solutions to help relieve the effects of poverty in the developing world). www.forenergy.com

Runner up: Organic Living, www.organiclivingaz.com


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