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Healthy Kitchen Products for the Planet

From handy eco-friendly appliances to the products we use to clean them, the kitchen has become the hub of sustainability for many households around the globe. Here are a few products to make your kitchen just a little greener.

No Tox Life Dish Block

Ditch the plastic bottle for a dish wash block from No Tox Life. Just as powerful as store-bought dish wash, this six-ounce bar cuts grime and grease on everything that goes in the sink. Grab a scrub brush and feel good about washing dishes, as the Dish Block is free of dyes and fragrances and is made with biodegradable and vegan ingredients. It contains no phosphates, sulfates, parabens, gluten or palm oil, and is cruelty-free and septic-safe. All that, and it’s gentle on your hands too, thanks to the added aloe vera. No Tox Life says the Dish Block can also take out laundry stains, remove stubborn labels off jars, spot clean your carpet, and wipe down your oven. Products are shipped in sustainable, plastic-free packaging. The company also reuses cardboard boxes from suppliers or ones that are donated. www.notoxlife.com


Maranello Caffe Pour-Over Coffee Dripper

Raise your hand if you can’t survive without coffee, yet you want to be ecologically responsible. Maranello Caffe’s Pour-Over Coffee Dripper is for you! With a dishwasher-safe stainless steel design, this dripper eliminates the need for paper coffee filters. Plus, the dual filter design allows water to flow through the coffee grounds rather than around them, giving the coffee a more robust flavor. The four-inch base fits most cups, carafes, and thermoses. www.maranellocaffe.net/pourOver


Food Huggers

There’s a solution to that “ugh” feeling when you forgot about the produce or cheese that’s gone bad on the counter or in the fridge. Food Huggers aims to keep produce fresher for longer by using 100% FDA food-grade silicone, which is dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. The various designs create a tight seal that fully covers the open side of your open food product to keep it fresh. Food Huggers also offers stand-up Hugger bags that can store sandwiches and other food items, plus 100% cotton fabric bags (these can be recycled by the company) and stackable lids. Multiple products are nested or folded flat to reduce shipping space, and the company requires shipping partners to use 100% plastic-free packaging materials. Furthermore, Food Huggers products have a lifetime guarantee. www.foodhuggers.com


Caron & Doucet Plant-Based Cleaners

Caron & Doucet
Cleanliness is next to happiness, and what better way to secure that happiness than using a household cleaning product that is 100% plant-based? Caron and Doucet, a small but mighty Canadian company, offers products for those tough-to-clean kitchen tools such as cast iron skillets, BBQ grills, cutting boards, and stainless steel pots and pans. Beyond the kitchen, Caron and Doucet offers room sprays and wood and leather cleaners. There’s also a line of skincare products featuring balms, soaps, cleansers, and moisturizers. Products are free from sulfates, parabens, phosphates, and GMOs, and they’re cruelty free. The company has implemented a guaranteed living wage program and makes monthly donations to
The Ocean Cleanup Foundation, which is estimated to remove 90% of floating ocean plastic. www.carondoucet.com


Two Acre Farm Eco Sponge

If you cook hard in the kitchen, you’re going to need a sponge that’s tough yet friendly to the environment. Canada’s Two Acre Farm’s Eco Sponge is made from cotton and fair trade recycled coffee sacks and is 100% biodegradable. Each sponge can be cleaned in the dishwasher or can be composted when it’s at the end of its life cycle. Two Acre Farm also offers handmade organic soaps in many different fragrances with ingredients like coconut oil, oatmeal, and honey. www.


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