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Green in the News: June 2014

Julie Ann Wrigley Donates $25 Million To ASU School Of SustainabilityGreen in the News

Philanthropist Julie Ann Wrigley recently invested $25 million in Arizona State University’s Global Institute of Sustainability. Wrigley had previously donated $15 million to the institute in 2004 and an additional $10 million in 2007. According to ASU President Michael Crow, Wrigley’s investments have been instrumental in developing the nationally recognized institute. “ASU and Julie Wrigley have been dedicated partners in building the nation’s most comprehensive program in sustainability teaching, learning and discovery,” says Crow, “and we could not have done it without her generous investment and leadership.” Wrigley believes her most recent donation will lead to further growth and innovation in the field of sustainability. In light of her longstanding dedication to sustainability, the institute will be renamed as the Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability. sustainability.asu.edu

Alliance Residential’s Michael D’andrea USGBC Green Champion Of The Month

The Arizona chapter of the United States Green Building Council announced that Michael D’Andrea is its May Green Champion of The Month. D’Andrea, an architect with Phoenix-based Alliance Residential Company, is deeply committed to responsible, eco-conscious construction practices. After receiving the award, D’Andrea said, “I believe that the built environment is responsible to respond to the natural environment and its surroundings. As an architect/developer/builder, applying green building principals in our designs and construction of ‘built space’ should be a true mandate of our vocation, also to conserve energy and our world’s natural resources.”

Properties currently managed by D’Andrea are LEED Platinum certified.

Regreen Solar Completes Record Solar Installation

California based ReGreen Corporation completed one of the largest solar installation projects of the decade earlier this month. ReGreen, which develops commercial and residential energy solutions, retrofitted 34 apartment complexes operated by Goldrich & Kest Industries. ReGreen CEO Kevin Refoua believes the project has numerous environmental and financial benefits. Refoua stated recently, “We were able to create a massive reduction in Goldrich & Kest’s energy costs. In fact, approximately 84 percent of their investment will be recovered by the end of year one, thanks to the 30 percent federal solar tax credit, depreciation and utility rebates. By leveraging solar technology as an investment, Goldrich & Kest increased their net profits and realize substantial savings for years to come.” The solar installations could reduce the total energy usage of the company by 70 percent.


  1. Sustainability is so important and ASU is about the only University to offer degrees in the area. They also walk the Talk with their solar, recycling and Green buildings. Thanks you the the Julie Ann Wrigley family for stepping up to keep it growing .


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