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Renewable Energy and Prop 127, in a nutshell

By Paul Hirt The citizen initiative that brought Prop 127 to the November ballot has drawn considerable attention and controversy. This article seeks to shed...

Green Certification Entices Tourists, Helps Environment and Profitability

Certification of travel products assures sustainability By Kari Roberg and Christine Vogt, Ph.D. Travel, at its best, enriches us as individuals as it enriches communities across...

A Helping Hand: The benefits of supporting non-profits

By Joan Koerber-Walker Everyone needs a helping hand at one time or another. It does not matter if you are young or old, healthy or...

Schooled in Sustainability and the Environment: 10 Top Schools

By Faith Cain and Andre Butzberger Are you interested in turning your passion for the planet into a career? Or perhaps you want to pursue...

A Father-Son Road Trip Goes Green: Tesla sparks idea for a new tour

By John S. Martinson On July 1, my son, Neo, 17, and I will embark on a 6,000 mile, 31-day road trip across the West....

(Re)Imagine How We Connect ASU’s Sustainability Solutions Festival

By Bharat Venkatesh Every February, the world’s top sustainability events and organizations convene at Arizona State University’s Sustainability Solutions Festival to discover and explore how...

GreenBiz 18 Sustainability Goes Mainstream

By Mark Joseph Mongilutz Slated for February 6-8 and billed as “The Premier Annual Event for Sustainability Leaders,” GreenBiz 18, in partnership with Arizona State...

The Desert’s Edge: Scottsdale City Council Long Awaited Desert Edge Plan

By Michelle Talsma Everson The Desert Discovery Center Scottsdale (DDCS) has been working with the City of Scottsdale for the last 18 months to come...

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