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Editor’s Note

Back-to-School!  I love the sound of that phrase.  To me, it means a few things: The kids are going back to school; the phrase, “Mom, I’m bored,” will be gone; and more importantly, it’s time to get those brains pumped full of new and exciting knowledge!

I’m blessed to say that education runs thick in my family – from my father, a retired professor from ASU; to my mother-in-law, an elementary school teacher for over 30 years; and myself, a former professor.   My family has a motto: “There is always an opportunity to learn, and to teach.”  I’ve grown up with, and taken to heart, one of my father’s favorite phrases: “You can learn something from anyone.”  Think about it – someone you interacted with today knows something you don’t!  As the Editor-in-Chief, it is so exciting to talk to and learn something new from people living and working in the world of sustainability.

This month is dedicated to teachers, who devote their hearts and minds to bettering students.  It’s not easy, at any level, to make an impact with a student, and despite budget cuts and the pressure to teach to AIMS tests, teachers around our state are integrating environmental education into their lesson plans and exposing our children to the wonders of our Earth.  From gardens to geology, teachers do it because they are passionate.  They understand that if we want to work together to create a sustainable world, we have to start with the children.  Thank you, teachers, for all you do.

We begin our issue with our feature on environmental education (EE), “Reading, Writing, Arithmetic…Mother Earth,” by Aimee Welch.  Find out how EE is making its way into the system, and learn that we still have a long way to go.  Find out what you can do to get EE into your children’s school.  Did you know there are signs your child’s eyesight could be in jeopardy?  Read “5 Signs That Your Child Could Need Glasses,” by Abigail Gilmore to learn more.  If one of your own is going off to college, learn some tips to Feng Shui a dorm room and bring harmony to their new space, check it out on our GLAZ Website.  We are excited to have the Chopra Center partner with Green Living for 2011 and share knowledge about balancing life’s stresses – this month Dr. David Simon shares “5 Yoga Practices for Mind-Body Balance.”

In WORK, we continue our education theme and discover how schools are building green.  Discover which Arizona school is LEED certified in “Schools Going Green,” by Kristi Eaton.  What about our colleges?  We asked our colleges what sustainable initiatives they were spearheading for this school year – check out “University Innovations” to see what the big three are up to.

If you are planning to escape one of these hot weekends, consider a bed and breakfast.  The cozy B&Bs mentioned in “Stay Green, Go Local at Arizona’s Bed and Breakfasts,” by Barbi Walker will treat you right – and you’ll be supporting local businesses too!  Pork chops, bruschetta and fruit salad – this month we’re sharing our favorite dishes with you.   Finally, if you are thinking about what healthy snacks to fix for the kiddos, our green couple, the Burkharts, reviewed organic snacks fit for a lunchbox.

This month, I challenge you to learn something new, to be open to new information or learn a new way of doing something.  “You can learn something from anyone,” if you allow it.


Good reading,

Tishin Donkersley, M.A.



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