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CatSpring Yaupon Tea

Yaupon is typically looked at as a pesky weed that thrives amidst the hardships of nature and begrudging acceptance from Texas ranchers.

Yaupon is typically looked at as a pesky weed that thrives amidst the hardships of nature and begrudging acceptance from Texas ranchers. In 2011, a historical drought swept over Texas and Abianne’s family was losing everything from 100-year-old oak trees to hay. Yet the Yaupon was flourishing. One local rancher said, “I’m glad it’s ‘yo-pawn’ and not ‘my-pawn’ so it’s not my problem.” However there was more to Yaupon than it first let on.

Abianne discovered that the plant, naturally caffeinated and native to North America, had been consumed as a tea for a long time. After years of hard work, Abianne fine tuned a sustainable growing and manufacturing process to deliver the world Yaupon tea in all it’s natural beauty. 

While it’s counterpart coffee, can take up to 37 gallons of water to produce a single cup, Yaupon has only soaked in rainwater and sunshine by the time Abianne’s team harvests it. They work with master gardeners, native grass specialists and conservationists to develop the best plan to insure everything is harvested by hand with no heavy machinery. To top off their sustainability efforts, their packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Their sustainability does not stop with protecting the planet, Abianne and her team are passionate about making efforts to heal the broken justice system in North America. The harvesting department collaborates with probation officers to hire individuals who are looking to take a step in a different direction. They also work to hire women with a history of generational poverty and offer a flexible schedule.

“For us, it makes sense: There are so many individuals in our community that are marginalized and not recognized for their value. Why would we build our company any other way?”

Yaupon tea offers many benefits you wouldn’t see in the typical tea you buy at the grocery store. It is grown with zero pesticides and has an organic natural flavor, has no tannins which allows you to steep it as many times as you want without it ever getting bitter, and there is no international shipping making a significantly lower carbon footprint. 

Throughout time, Yaupon has been a popular substitute for coffee and used in a variety of products. The plant can be used as a natural cleanser, absorbing fats, regulating cholesterol levels and boosting the immune system. It contains theobromine which can lift your mood, and provide mental energy, rutin an anti-inflammatory compound, antioxidants. Abianne’s team sees about 25 mg of caffeine per serving and  describes the energy Yaupon gives you as caffeine without the anxiety. 

It’s history dates back to well before European settlers arrived. The Cherokees knew it as “our beloved tree,” and drank yaupon over one thousand years ago. They traded it throughout North America up to what is now considered modern-day Illinois. In Texas, the Karankawas harvested and loved the yaupon before they were largely eradicated. European immigrants found medicinal properties inthe plant and brought it back with them after visiting the Americas. Abianne and her team often wonder how something so special got lost to mainstream society but they look forward, as do I, to see where it’s future as such a versatile plant takes us.

For more information visit https://catspringtea.com


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