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Activ Intimates Creates Lingerie That’s Sensual & Sustainable

The founders were inspired to launch Activ Intimates when they realized that most lingerie made them feel the “opposite of sexy.”

For many consumers, there’s a growing disconnect between themselves and what has long been marketed as premier lingerie. While some brands have evolved—opting for comfort over sex appeal, developing more body inclusive silhouettes, and ensuring that “nude” shades don’t just reflect one skin type—others have built their own brands on the basis of these ideals.

That’s the story of Activ Intimates—a Scottsdale-based lingerie company run by sisters Laurie McMordie and CJ Hersch. The sisters work to create comfortable, thoughtfully-made garments such as bralettes, bodysuits, loungewear, and wraps.

Their products are marketed towards ladies 40 years of age and older, and their mission is to help consumers feel confident in lingerie that supports them in “every phase of their lives,” according to the company founders.

The duo was inspired to launch Activ Intimates when they realized that most lingerie made them feel the “opposite of sexy.”

“We like to say that our company was founded in a fitting room, because I was looking for a particular piece of lingerie for a special occasion. I knew how I wanted it to look and feel, but I didn’t find it that day,” says McMordie. But she did find something else—an opportunity.

Photo courtesy of Activ Intimates.

As they reached out and connected with others about the issue, their suspicions were confirmed—universally, women were struggling with the lack of empowerment and comfort provided by these garments.

From there, Activ Intimates was born.

While neither McMordie or Hersch boast backgrounds in fashion, their education and experience allowed them to contribute their own unique talents and collaborate together successfully. Hersch has a business degree with extensive experience in human resource management; she handles marketing and sales, along with running the web page. McMordie has a background in financial analysis. A talented seamstress since youth, she has previously worked in finance, real estate, and the roofing business, and she designs the product, while also taking care of the financial side.

Since the beginning of Activ Intimates, the company had used plastic-free packaging. But it wasn’t until McMordie and Hersch visited Arizona Eco Week that they fully realized the impact that fashion has on the environment. And they were ultimately inspired to implement additional sustainable practices into their brand’s production methods. 

“We saw things and learned things that we couldn’t just forget or stop thinking about,” says McMordie.

Photo courtesy of Activ Intimates.

Now, the founders are careful to produce in-demand, long lasting items, and use leftover fabric from previous seasons to avoid over-consumption. They upload styling videos on their website to save paper on guides. And they make a point to source from local factories to ensure that only the most ethical practices are in play—and they’re able to mitigate the environmental implications that long-distance product shipment inevitably causes, in the process.

Beyond sustainable incorporations, both McMordie and Hersch try to play off of popular styles and colors that women are interested in, without being “too trendy.” The duo carefully plans seasonal collections that are actually relevant to their customer base—avoiding the consumer-focused mentality of always “needing to have new stuff” in the process.

They are known for the distinctive design of the Playlette—a crotchless yet very discreet bodysuit. Though, they’ve also created unique convertible lingerie, which can be styled as bedroom wear or a beach cover-up! 

Photo courtesy of Activ Intimates.

Beyond their comfortable, stylish products, Activ Intimates runs a blog and Facebook group to discuss various aspects of wellness, such as relationships and sexual health. They intend to provide women with a safe environment for a “real back and forth […] on things that are important to them.”

Currently, they are launching their Peignoir and Body Scarf collection, which was inspired by “picturing women playing dress-up in front of a mirror” with a long scarf.

Through 2021, customers can anticipate a return of live sessions on Facebook and Instagram—this is where the founders invite various guests to discuss styling, wellness, and more! Viewers can engage and interact with the speakers using the live feature. Previously, they had hosted Dorie Morales of Green Living magazine to discuss sustainability. And looking ahead, the team will continue exploring new sustainable, beautiful fabrics that feel good on the skin. 

“Our real core desire is to give women something to make them feel special,” says Hersch. And through all of the mindful leadership provided by the Activ Intimates’ founders, it’s apparent that the brand does just that.

For more information on Activ Intimates, visit www.activintimates.com.

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