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The Vegan Taste

While the benefits that come with living a healthy, nutrition-based lifestyle are undeniable, the effort and attention to detail that’s often required complicate many people’s ability to actually maintain it. But The Vegan Taste—a Phoenix-based vegan
meal subscription service developed by Executive Chef Jason Wyrick—is working to
create contactless meal deliveries that are as easy as they are delicious and nutritional.

Chef Jason’s life was changed by going vegan, and actually reversing his diabetes in the process. The New York Times bestselling author became the first vegan chef to teach in the world-famous Le Cordon Bleu program at the Scottsdale Culinary Institute. And his belief that eating clean does not have to mean compromising on flavor is ingrained into every aspect of his business, The Vegan Taste. The concept is designed to make healthy eating not only tangible but super affordable too. Each week, The Vegan Taste delivers a selection of six pre-made vegan meals that are ready to reheat and eat the moment they arrive. The hassle-free service eliminates the stress that comes along with shopping, prepping, cooking, and cleaning—leaving program users with the freedom to simply enjoy and indulge in a variety of delicious, healthy meal options.

The most refreshing element of The Vegan Taste is its ever-rotating menu of items. Each week, Chef Jason works with his team to curate a menu that strikes balance between familiar fare and adventurous cuisines from around the world. To ensure the full nutritional value of each dish, the menus are even approved by science advisor and Harvard professor of nutrition, P.K. Newby.

The team at The Vegan Taste values full accessibility to healthier meal options—and that’s exactly what they provide through the service. In an effort to make things even simpler for consumers, they’ve designed a range of plan and pricing options, so that anyone can take advantage of the program, without having to make an extensive commitment. Users can sign up for the single or double servings of the meals, to be delivered as a subscription or a one-time order. Prices start as low as $75 per week.

For more information, visit their website.

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