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Nailed It

Picture a nice polish system that’s not a gel, not a hybrid, and not a traditional polish. It lasts, chip-free, for up to two weeks, dries in just five minutes, is vegan, and is nontoxic—free of formaldehyde, TPHP, nitrocellulose, and more.

While it may sound too good to be true, it does exist—and it works.

“I believed that there was a need for a nail polish system that air dries in five minutes without the use of UV light, wears chip-free for seven to 14 days, comes off with regular polish removers, and leads to stronger, healthier natural nails,” explains Vivian Valenty, the founder and president of Dazzle Dry. “I also wanted the product to be clean [no toxic, allergenic, or endocrine-disrupting ingredients] because I believe that what we apply on our body impacts our overall health. Creating Dazzle Dry from scratch gave me the assurance that the product will be vegan and produced in an
ethical, sustainable way.”

It took Valenty, a Chandler, Arizona, resident with a Ph.D. in organic chemistry—with a specialty in bio-organic chemistry—about 10 years to create the product, which launched in 2007.

Valenty invented the first UV Top Coat that dried a freshly applied manicure using UV light.

“At about the same time, I invented a coating that became the gold standard for making sublimation dye-decorated ceramic articles dishwasher-safe. But it was the statement from the U.S. FDA that spurred me to develop Dazzle Dry. The FDA said that ‘UV-A is potentially more dangerous than UV-B.’ Although UV-B causes sunburn, the light only penetrates the epidermis, which is composed mainly of dead skin cells, while UV-A goes past the epidermis, through the dermis, and into the subcutaneous layer, where cell activity is happening.

“I took this very seriously and started working on what became Dazzle Dry. The name derives from my thought that women will get dazzled by how fast the product dries and how long it will stay on their nails compared to traditional polish,” she explains.

The system is a unique four-step system that includes a nail prep, base coast, lacquer, and top coat. “Spreading the Dazzle Dry knowledge with DIYers and nail industry professionals may just be the easiest thing I have ever done,” says Silva Nahabedian, Dazzle Dry’s director of education. “As a natural nail care specialist for over 23 years, never have I experienced products as distributive and revolutionary as Dazzle Dry. I will tell anyone who will listen about the benefits of this remarkable system, which is designed to solve problems, not create them.”

Find Dazzle Dry at www.dazzledry.com, through the Spa Locator found on the website, and in top luxury spas and salons around the world.

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