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The Junk in your Trunk

Get your car organized by Kelsey Makings

Between traveling to work, taking the kids to school and never-ending holiday shopping sprees, the junk in your car can start to pile up.  Below are some quick tips to keep your car clean during the holiday madness.

Clean it out     First, get rid of the trash in your car.  Not just on the floor, but in the glove compartment, middle console, under the seats, all the side pockets and the trunk.   Keep only what’s truly important and recycle the rest.  Did you know that removing the weight from your trunk could improve your gas mileage?  Give your floors and seats a good vacuuming and a thorough wipe down. 

Keep the essentials     Put together a recycled envelope labeled “In case of emergency” with your registration and proof of insurance in your glove compartment.  For all other documents, such as car repair receipts, vehicle information, maps or AAA card, use a small, expandable file folder and label accordingly.  This way you can efficiently sift through the papers. 

First-aid kit     Adding some natural remedies can really green up your first-aid kit.  Essential oils like lavender can help relieve inflammation or ease pain from burns.  Tea tree oil can be used as an antiseptic for small cuts.  All Terrain (allterrainco.com) carries an array of eco-friendly first-aid products like latex-free bandages with water-based adhesives and biodegradable, anti-bacterial wipes made from wood pulp. 

Stay clean     How to stay organized?  Rein in the trash by reusing and keeping a grocery sack in your car and throwing things away as needed.  You can also create an on-the-go recycling bin by using a vehicle litterbin, such as Cargogear’s TrashStand Compact.  The bin is leak-proof and won’t slide around. 

Other tips     Separate little things like pens and change into reusable plastic containers. 

Keep a pack of eco-friendly wipes in the middle console for any spills or messes.  Simply Neutral makes wipes that are biodegradable and 100 percent natural, with no bleaching agents or chemicals. 

Bring your own mug or cup.  (Did you know Starbucks gives a 10-cent discount every time you use your own cup?)  In fact, during fiscal year 2008, U.S. and Canadian Starbucks customers saved roughly one million pounds of paper by bringing in their own beverage containers.

Invest in a reconfigurable and collapsible trunk organizer.  Trunk organizers can help during shopping trips or traveling, with reconfigurable and collapsible cubbies.  Front seat organizers have storage for items you might want to quickly grab like a cell phone, CDs, iPod, water bottle and papers.  Just be sure to choose a green option, like Organic Cotton Car Organizers, made with cotton or canvas fabric.

Kid’s toys, snacks, books and clothes can also be arranged with family organizers that can be placed by their seat.  LASSIG designs vehicle organizers that are eco-friendly and made from 100 percent polyester.  Just be sure, with whatever organizer, to anchor it to a non-moving part of the car to prevent any hazards.


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