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Recycled Jewelry

Three years ago Cindy Litterer-Lopatynski found her creative outlet when she started putting new and recycled components together and turning them into unique pieces of art.  Described as whimsical, Cindy’s colorful and eye-catching creations one would proudly wear and verify as one-of-a-kind.
Cindy’s design inspiration comes from her love of vintage jewelry.  When friends and family learned that she was making jewelry, many gave her their old and broken items to use for new creations.  Cindy also scours a range of thrift stores, estate sales and the Internet for treasures. Her creations are made entirely from recycled components.

The necklace Cindy is wearing was once a turquoise brooch.  By combining components of an old bracelet, she turned that simple brooch into the focal point of a new vibrant necklace, and paired it with a set of earrings.  What about wearing tiles from a Rummikub® game?  Or maybe you like cats?  Cindy’s piece called “Cats of the World” was a collection of domestic and wild cat charms she acquired over time that was waiting for the right inspiration.    

“I’ve received more compliments from Cindy’s creations than all of my accessories combined.  I love how there is truly one of each design,” said Tishin Donkersley, Green Living AZ Editor-in-Chief.  Giving beautiful, recovered jewelry new life is a joy for Cindy, and a visual treat for the owners of her creations.


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