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A Spotlight on Sustainable Design

The City of Scottsdale honors projects that exemplify sustainable practices through its Scottsdale Environmental Design Awards Program (SEDA). This month we highlight some of the award winners recognized for their design quality, public education and sensitivity to the Sonoran desert environment.

Library - night patio

Library - North metal


Creating an environmental state of form and function, the Appaloosa Library combines the aesthetic qualities of the area with green building conventions, earning the building an award from the SEDA biennial awards program. The 21,242-square-foot building was built on four and a half acres and incorporates native and dry climate plants, recycled materials, and energy-efficient resources to offer a unique design that blends community needs with sustainable efficiency. In addition to the SEDA, Appaloosa Library received LEED Gold certification for 32 percent energy reduction, 53 percent reduction of water use, and for recycling 95 percent of construction waste.
City of Scottsdale | Architect: DWL Architects + Planners, Inc. and Douglas Sydnor Architect and Associates | Contractor: Haydon Building Corp. | Nomination submitted by Jeremy Jones, AIA




Using a variety of materials and trees, Joan Baron’s Edible Landscape Project received a SEDA for its creative use of desert plants. Constructing a variety of multi-use areas with attention to house/land orientation and landscape materials, the Edible Landscape Project maximizes the use of the space with specific detail to the topography and orientation of the areas. Included in the planting were mesquite trees for shading, an herb garden and other vegetation, as well as ocotillo cacti to attract native wildlife. A multi-zoned irrigation system with a timer was installed to address watering needs, as well as a rainwater harvesting cistern to collect and conserve water.
Owner & Designer: Joan Baron | Contractors: Life’s a Garden, Four Directions Permaculture | Nomination submitted by Joan Baron


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