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Summertime He’s Green She’s Green

It’s summer and we are so ready for barbecues and soaking in the sun! Can you have all your fun and still be gentle on the planet? Of course! We tried some fun and practical products that you’ll want to read about. Wishing you a “green” and happy summer! 

Back to the Roots

Organic mushroom mini grow kit

He said: There’s definitely a learning curve with this product. We followed the instructions in the box, but our plastic bag was misshapen, so the substrate kept drying out. It took almost a month of watering and re-soaking before we got a small growth of mushrooms from the side of the box. The oyster mushroom was tasty, but overall, I’d call this one a failure that wasn’t entirely user error. Too much work and not enough fungi.

2 stars

She Said: We found out the hard way that these should be grown before spring starts. Turns out this was the perfect way to grow fruit flies as well! Luckily, we harvested a small crop before tossing the box. It’s a neat idea, growing food right in your kitchen, and it was fun to see the ‘shrooms growing so quickly once they got going, but it was tricky. This company is so awesome though, that after a five-minute chat on their website, they stayed true to their guarantee and set up a replacement kit to be sent to us. Love!

4 stars



Reusable snack and sandwich bags  

He Said: I spent far too long trying to figure out how they came up with this company name. As far as I can tell they just dropped and shuffled some letters off the word reusable … any who. These plastic bags were a good size, had nice designs and most of all felt very durable, which means you can use them over and over. They’re very russbe … err reusable. Now I’m confused.

4 stars

She Said: These were easy to seal, very sturdy (a bit difficult to wash – but dishwasher-safe!), flared wide at the bottom, and had cute designs. The small size didn’t fit much, and the sturdy material made them hard to use at times. I feel like we’ve tried so many alternatives to Ziploc plastic bags, and still haven’t found the perfect one. I guess I’ll just need to dedicate a whole kitchen drawer to keep them all.

4 stars

Full Circle

Plastic bag drying rack

He Said: This works way better than our old system for drying bags, which was hanging them on the sink handle, window blinds and other dishes. This holds seven bags open at the perfect draining angle, so they dry quick and clean. What good are reusable bags if you can’t wash and dry them?

4 stars

She Said: I have been wanting something like this for so long! It’s the perfect way to dry all those reusable snack/sandwich bags (and Ziploc!) and water bottles, too. I love it – it doesn’t take up too much counter space, has a nice heavy base so it doesn’t tip over, and is encouraging me to reuse bags more often since this makes drying them a cinch.

5 stars

Charcutnuvo Organic

Beef & pork jalapeño cheddar bratwurst

He Said: Totally guilty of shopping hungry on this one. These were probably the best jalapeño cheddar brats I’ve ever had. They had strong cheddar and green jalapeño flavors with a slow-burn heat that is not too hot. Also, I’m very glad these are written reviews, so I don’t have to try to pronounce Charcutnuvo.

5 stars

She Said: Even though I’m not a jalapeño fan, these were still tasty with that signature “green” heat that, thankfully, never got too spicy. Loved the bursts of gooey cheddar every few bites, too. Hooray for organic pork and grass-fed beef you can feel good about grilling up this summer. Just need a frosty brew to go with it.

5 stars


Glass food storage with bamboo lid

He Said: A quality glass and bamboo storage option, with no plastic! I was skeptical that the wooden lid on this box would stay on, but the silicone O-ring creates a great seal. Fits perfectly in my lunchbox and the lid could double as a cutting board in a pinch.

4 stars

She Said: Admittedly, I was drawn to this because of that beautiful bamboo lid. Yeah, a bit of a sucker for design and pretty stuff. I just loved the clean lines of the rectangular shape and the lid that fit perfectly flat and snug. It helped to calm the chaos that is my fridge. It was on the heavier side, with thick clear glass (though some are painted fun colors) so you know it’s durable. I just might go get some more.

4 stars



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