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Does Your Pool Water Rate in Cleanliness?

It’s summertime which means it’s time to treat your pool water with a barrage of chemicals. For many, this process is an daunting task. We completely understand why so many homeowners dislike this dreaded process. You’re not alone, because as pool owners ourselves, we dislike having to look over the list of water treatment chemicals that are available globally. 

The first and most important part of the treatment process is the sanitizer. There are many to choose from and all have their fair share of pros and cons. Four of the most common sanitizers for home use are liquid chlorine, calcium hypochlorite, and the 3-inch tabs known as trichlor or dichlor. 

The preferred sanitizers is calcium hypochlorite. This is the strongest and has a byproduct of calcium. It’s important to know that calcium is one of the only minerals that water desires. Since it’s a natural mineral, we feel good about suggesting that product. 

Liquid chlorine is the weakest of the choices and has a byproduct of Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). Unfortunately, there are many different chemicals that make up TDS and, when left behind, none are good for the water. 

Salt systems are also liquid chlorine systems. They produce a very weak amount of liquid chlorine and provide an abundance of salt and TDS as a byproduct. Trichlor and dichlor are the final common sanitizer, but we wouldn’t recommend using them for treating water. These products are made up of a product known as cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid doesn’t leave the water unless it’s backwashed or the water is replaced. It can build up rapidly from using the cheaper tabs and hinders the chlorine from doing its job, especially when it’s as little as 20ppm residual in the water. 

All of these products have their own unique issues and also challenge the local wastewater department. The wastewater department has a hard time removing these byproducts from the water and in some areas of the U.S. are now banned. That’s a red flag: knowing that toilet water will be processed, but not pool water? As good stewards, we should all be more cognizant of the chemicals we put down the sewers.

Exceptional Water Systems has been treating water naturally over the last 10 years. We utilize elements like oxygen, ozone and carbon dioxide to treat water. Ozone is the strongest oxidizer and disinfectant on the planet and our Nano Bubble technology provides a natural residual of sanitizer in the water. 

All of these products provide no harmful byproducts to the water we bathe in or the water going down into the sewers. As a matter of fact, our water is full of “ultra-fine oxygen bubbles” which provide the healthiest swimming pool environments.

To learn more about how our systems can help, please contact us at 480-694-4709 or sales@exwsystems.com

Exceptional Water Systems is dedicated to providing healthy water for humanity!


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