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Girl Scouts

Using resources wisely and being good stewards of the environment is an integral part of being a Girl Scout. Members of Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona Troop 122 took this value to the next level with their ambitious recycling project. 

Joining NexTrex’s Community Recycling Challenge, Troop 122 collected over 500 pounds of plastic over six months, allowing them to earn a recycled composite bench which they assembled and donated to Canyon Del Oro High School near Tucson. 

The Girl Scout Seniors learned film plastic is ultimately recyclable but requires special collection and processing not available with traditional city recycling through residential blue bins. Typically, film plastic voids all recycling objects in a residential bin since the plastic can clog municipal facilities’ recycling machines. 

NexTrex offers film plastic drop-off locations at various grocery chains in Arizona, such as Fry’s and Safeway, where the community can recycle used shopping bags and other acceptable items. Troop 122 took advantage of these community drop-off locations collecting and weighing their plastic before donation. At the end of each month, they entered the total weight recycled for that month as they worked toward their goal of 500 pounds. 

Several schools and businesses partnered with the troop to have collection locations at various sites more accessible to the public. Troop 122 saved approximately 40,500 plastic bags from sitting in a landfill or polluting the environment and as a result, they were rewarded with a bench crafted from the recycled plastic film that they worked tirelessly to collect. 

To find out more about this unique recycling program, visit nextrex.com. To find out more about all of the exciting and innovative things going on with the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona, visit girlscoutssoaz.org.

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